The entertainment industry doesn’t have a monopoly on problems, but we certainly have more than our share.

To add to this, scores of ‘would-be’ professional actors and voice overs, with scads of potential and talent, routinely overwhelm themselves focusing on petty problems, rather than how to solve them. The fact is if you continually occupy your attention and energy on not having enough time or money to realize your career goals, it’s likely you’ll keep that problem a problem.

Question is: Is there a good problem to have?

You may consider having “good problems” to be something of an oxymoron.

Okay, you’re right. It is. But, consider for a moment what would be a good problem to have.

How about:

  • Having too many auditions.
  • Or having so many jobs you have to quit your day job and focus on being a professional voice talent full-time.
  • You’re getting so many gigs you have to hire a whole staff of people to handle promotion, finances, scheduling–the works.
  • Being so book-able, you’re setting trends in the industry and your clients have to consider the fact you might be a bit over-exposed. That would be a very good problem to have.
  • How about delivering so many great reads at every session, the director/clients can’t decide amongst themselves which one to use as the ‘keeper’. (“They’re ALL awesome. Every single take. Seriously. Not a throw away in the bunch! Tough call.”)
  • Having too much work you couldn’t possibly take on even one more gig. (I mean there are only so many hours in the day.)
  • Being too smart, too good-looking, too articulate, too sane, too happy, too pleasant, too fun, too patient, too decent, too popular, too desirable, too savvy, too cool, too talented, too insightful, too intuitive, too playful, too clever, too buoyant, too considerate, too thoughtful, too appreciative, too able, too sought-after, too healthy, too clear-headed, too rested, too young…way too young. (How old would you have to be to be too young?), too remarkable, too “right” they just have to use you on flat out everything!
  • Having so much money, you couldn’t possible use even… one… more… penny. (Please. Get it away from me. It’s just too much.)
  • Having too much time to pursue your deepest, most heart-felt dreams and wishes.

Well, there you have it: All very good problems to have.

We wish you all of them, all at once. Just know that, at SOUND ADVICE, we’re here to assist you as best we can as they arise.

Of course, we’ll be here to celebrate your successes as well!

Play for keeps. Play for fun. But just play! You’re in very good company. And it’s YOUR turn. 


Copyright © 2018 by Kate McClanaghan. All Rights Reserved.


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