The Most Sought-After Type

If auditions are a numbers game, which they are… then acting, like most forms of business, is a poker game. It’s imperative you lead with power. Getting cast, as luck would have it, is largely based on type. Knowing what you do best, how you’re … [Read more...]

Securing Proper Representation

Securing proper representation is key to building your career and achieving your goals as a professional.Knowing this, many talent tend to hang on every word a talent agent might utter, as if it were the last word.And, while it’s important to any … [Read more...]

Creating Momentum: Why We Must Continually Promote

Every single promotional piece you send out is auditioning for you when you’re not there: so any and all promotion is an opportunity to make yourself that much more accessible to the work. The more traffic you drive to your site with postcards and … [Read more...]

The Importance of a Voice-over Only Web Page

If you’re pursuing jobs on-camera while furthering your voice-over career, keep in mind it’s important to keep these two websites independent of each other. We discovered this fact from extensive surveying.The reason being: those most likely to hire … [Read more...]

Premium Promotions

  Here is an industry term you may (or may not) be familiar with that deals with promotional items for voiceover talent. The best rule of thumb that applies here is the old adage, "Keep it simple." premiums--A premium is a promotional item … [Read more...]

Utilizing your natural RESOURCES

One sign of the super intelligent is their ability to utilize a variety of simple resources to their greatest potential. No one expects you to be MacGyver…but we all certainly stow away a secret desire to turn a paperclip into a honing device, don’t … [Read more...]

Know Thyself

Much like how we go through life…we are not always all that self-aware. You may have glimpses of blinding clarity, but most of the time, we’re too busy getting on with living our lives to stop and introvert into that thought for very long without … [Read more...]

The All-Important Headshot and Résumé

A good headshot and résumé is the common calling card of a professional talent. You can't land commercial representation from a talent agent without first having a really good headshot and a decent résumé.  The headshot (and voiceover demo) is … [Read more...]

Everyone Says You Should Do Voiceover

Just because you have an interesting, textured voice doesn’t mean you know how to turn a phrase or can animate text by infusing your sparkling personality into it. That’s certainly the job, but these skills don’t simply exist without some attention.  … [Read more...]

Just DO IT! It’s called ACTing.

Most of us have the idea that those folks on the other side of the glass on a voiceover session will be feeding us every nuance and notion. Now, this may be something of a lightning bolt striking from the blue, but you are not likely to get any … [Read more...]