Another Year of

Awkward Holiday Photos




Consider leaving a pack of Lucky’s this year instead of a plate cookies and milk. (Who knew, right? It’s a wonder the old guy lasted this long!)

Frightened Santa

This one’s called “Santa’s scared”. Or depressed. Or bored. Or… I dunno, leave me alone! WHO cares anyway, Jerk! I’m going to my room!


dad's fear of pajamas

We call this one, “Dad hates pajamas”. (I think it’s self-explanatory.)

Bad love family

Remember the year Mom discovered latex? She was poured into that dress. That year changed everything. She started dating Freedrik. Sure, he was 20 years her junior, but he made her so happy. And what makes Mom happy, makes me happy.

Another Strange Christmas

I think this one speaks for itself. (Don’t forget to water the cookies!)

Christmas Camouflage

We call this one “Camouflage Christmas”.

Christmas near the Equator_

Ah, Christmas at the Equator. Alone? I wasn’t alone. Juju kept me busy and entertained. (Guess who’s Juju?)

I'm never getting laid again Club's Annual Christmas pic

Remember this? The Annual Christmas pic of the “I’m Never Getting Laid Again Club”? (Nana Banana brought the booze that year. What a cut up.)

Junior's Last Christmas

Junior’s last Christmas (photo).

Still Not Funny Family Christmas

I still find nothing funny about this family Christmas. I still think it was a bad idea.

strange love

Ah, the ‘Strange Love’ Christmas. Yeah, well. None of these people are even talking to each other any more. Including the kids. I’m not saying this photo had anything to do with it. I’m just saying.

How to keep Billy from opening everything

This is how we kept Billy from opening every gift. He was incorrigible. He’s an electrician today and makes a very good living.

Who's taking the picture

Who’s taking this picture?

Pay Up or the Fat Man Dies Christmas

Ho-hum, yet another semi-automatic Christmas. Afterwards we head down to the city dump to shoot rats. You in?!

Why Joey is the way he is at Christmas

So here it is. This is why Joey is the way he is at Christmas. Oh, sure he puts a good face on it, but frankly he was never comfortable getting to know Dad’s secretary, Donna, like this. It was supposed to be just Todd, Dad and him. Just the guys. Just the guys and fishing. That’s it. Instead that icky, weird-o Donna had to show up and ruin everything. He wished Mom had never left. He wished he had a pair of pants.

No baby's ugly christmas

No baby’s ugly. And needless to say, JoAnne and Mark worshipped their little pooch. As for Pebbles, she thought the Puppy Rescue had better screening practices, but she was a good sport. She’d play along for Christmas’ sake. Come Spring, Easter brought a few unexpected surprises Pebbles hadn’t counted on. Guess Christmas was all too good to be true. These were the salad days.

What Life was like Before You Came Along Christmas

What life was like before you came along.

odd family

What a bunch of cut-ups. No peeking, Javier!

Laundry day Christmas pic

This was the year Billy Bob came with us to Church. (Beat.) I’ll never forget it.

yikes family

Oh, yeah, remember when we made fun of Gram, and pretended it was Christmas but it was really July, and we even put up a fake tree up and acted like it was cold out and put that stupid hat on her head? Hahahahaha! That was hilarious. That totally screwed her up. She still doesn’t know we were kidding! I can’t wait to get old!

Be good to yourself… be good to your family.
Oh, just be good for goodness sake and
have a wonderful holiday season

(You might want to rethink what you’re wearing & who you’re bringing to Christmas dinner this year. Just a suggestion.)

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