Can You Be a Professional
Even if You’re Just Starting Out?

Training for the average actor or voiceover typically categorizes talent into one of three camps: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The thing is: nothing in this business is lumped into those categories. You’re either a professional… or you’re … [Read more...]

How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake Voice Talent Make

Like most small business owners just starting out, budding voice talent tend to severely undervalue themselves out of sheer desperation, and for fear they may “lose the job”. For instance, “I’d love to voice your documentary… for FREE!” Insert … [Read more...]

How Becoming an ‘Influencer’ Can Advance Your Acting Career

There’s an enduring trend numerous talent agents have been picking up on over the last few years. It’s representing YouTube “Influencers”. For the record, an Influencer by definition is an individual who has an established YouTube channel and/or … [Read more...]

To Trust Your Instincts
You Have to Use Them

  What are the odds of ‘making it’ in voiceover? Let’s assume you have a work ethic that won’t quit, and everyone says you have a remarkable voice. That’s as good a place to begin as any. However, you can have all the talent in the … [Read more...]

The Best Halloween Movies EVER

Hey, back up, Christmas! You doesn’t hold a monopoly on amazing seasonal movies. In fact, one of the things I like best about autumn is the scores of amazing movies leading up to Halloween. I’ve said it before, and I’ll suppose I’ll say it again, … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Voiceover Challenge

Over the past decade, I’ve watched the rates for voiceover, and frankly for all professional actors, take a massive dive well below anywhere they should be for this or any profession. “The Great Repression” certainly had an averse influence on pay … [Read more...]

How To Determine What You Do Best in Voiceover

  “Who am I?” Now there’s an age-old philosophical question. Well, once upon a time, in an alternate universe, I was the perfect Peter Pan type: a sprightly, high-spirited tomboy who wasboth physically agile and able to sing, “I Gotta … [Read more...]

If It’s Meant To Be

There’s a common misconception in our culture that states if a road proves too difficult then maybe “it wasn’t meant to be.” Instead, I think the opposite might actually be true. If you are on the right path, then you’re likely to face far more … [Read more...]

Why You Need To Lead With a Commercial Demo as a Voice-over

  There are no absolutes in voiceover, or in acting as a profession, but there are most certainly a number of elements you should consider if you’re considering pursuing voiceover as a profession. Training is a given, and understanding who … [Read more...]

What I Did on My Summer Vacation (That Dramatically Propelled My Career Forward)

Every summer it’s the same thing: balancing downtime with being productive. If you get a chance to cut loose, by all means, take full advantage. When you consider what you’re honestly gaining by allowing yourself to enjoy your summer vacation … [Read more...]