Do You Consider Yourself a VOICE ACTOR?

Do you consider yourself a voice actor? Well, whether you do or not, the fact is those most likely to hire you do see you as an actor, and they expect you to perform accordingly. Regardless of your experience level, those auditioning, or most … [Read more...]

Going the Distance in the Voice-over Industry

It’s been said that, “Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.” So, what does it take to go the distance in this industry? There’s no single answer. There are four: pursue, persist, prepare, and promote. These four … [Read more...]

What It Takes To Succeed As A Voice Over

It may seem elementary to mention it, but if you only dedicate 10 minutes toward your career in ten months time it's unlikely you'll succeed at all at anything let alone a voice over career. Yet, week after week, most talent invest the bare minimum … [Read more...]

Grow Your Small Business as a Professional VO Talent

Let’s assume you’re after what we’re after: to work steadily as a professional talent, earning a decent living while scratching your aesthetic itch. It can be done, you know. People do it every day. Voice over is a start-up business, just like any … [Read more...]

The Definition of a Successful Voice Over Demo

Beyond defining who you are professionally and what work you do best, your voice over demos are expected to be a professional demonstration of what it is you do best, and depict the sort of work you’re aiming to secure more of.  While there are no … [Read more...]

Why Producing a “Demo” of Your VO Demo Is a Bad Idea UPDATE

Probably the greatest misconception so many talent have with regard to this industry is to create a “makeshift” demo to (supposedly) tide them over until they are “making money”. “I’ll get a good demo later.” Or, “I’ll produce a better demo after … [Read more...]

Discover the Biggest Game Changer in Voice Over in 20 Years!

We should celebrate.  I’m not kidding. Here’s why: Can you imagine being booked on a voice over job and the client is connecting and recording you from your home recording set up, as meager as it may be, and ending up with a professional final … [Read more...]

How to Transition from Radio to Voice-over

It’s a common misconception that if you’re in radio then you must be an established voice-over, when in fact, they are two separate and very different worlds.  The truth is if you are in radio—it’s very likely you wish you were in voice-over. … [Read more...]

Why IMPROV Matters to Your Performance

Discover our most current SOUND ADVICE PODCAST! - CLICK HERE -   Kate McClanaghan, Inc. © 2013. All Rights Reserved   … [Read more...]

How to Offer the Most Creative Voice Over Options

Three cities, ONE podcast: from Los Angeles, our founder, Kate McClanaghan; from Chicago, our Head of Production, Jeff Finney; from Orlando, radio personality and avid SOUND ADVICER, Skip Mahaffey How to offer the most creative options The SOUND … [Read more...]