Can’t I just get a “makeshift” demo to start me off?


This is probably the greatest misconception novice talent have with regard to this industry.

“I’ll get a good demo later.”

Problem is: Your demo is your professional calling card.

The fact is, you cannot secure a proper talent agent (and therefore regular auditions or steady voice-over work) without a professional demo.  Pure and simple.

A cheap imitation demo will speak to your level of commitment and put your professionalism at risk.  The recipient of your demo can only deduce that you feel this is the best representation of your very best abilities.

Talent agents, casting directors, and producers must use your demo to submit you for projects.  It’s a direct reflection on them if they submit less than reputable options; it lowers their professional status with people who are counting on them.

You have to consider who is receiving your demo.  For instance, the audience for your commercial demo (the standard demo track required of every voice talent), is made up chiefly of advertising creatives. Creatives don’t understand why you would create a representation of your work that was anything less than professional.  It wastes everyone’s time.  And yet the industry is flooded with less than professional demos.

Keep in mind your demos are auditioning for you in your absence better than 98 percent of the time. It speaks volumes to your aesthetic level, your skill, and your understanding of what’s expected of you as a professional. If the spots on your demo don’t sound like actual, well-produced national television spots, you will not be considered for any work.

Every client you voice a project for expects the top of your game, the top of your profession, regardless of whether the job is union. You’re expected to consistently offer the very best of your abilities—always. And this standard begins with your demo tracks.


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