The 4 Key Elements to Determining Type

Conventional wisdom teaches us that mastering all manner of performance styles and offering the widest possible range of characters are how to be read as versatile. And while that’s certainly true, the fact remains that the most consistent direction … [Read more...]

6 Similarities Between Acting for Voice Over & On-Camera

There’s a common assumption in the talent industry that can easily trip an actor up. It’s the idea that you must dramatically alter your approach to act for voiceover, and that there are some deeply guarded secrets to this medium that no one will … [Read more...]

How To Determine What You Do Best

“Who am I?” Now there’s an age-old philosophical question. Well, once upon a time, in an alternate universe, I was the perfect Peter Pan type: a sprightly, high-spirited tomboy who was both physically agile and able. And, if it wasn’t for a few … [Read more...]

Voice-over, Kids & Young Adults

I was stage struck when I was a kid. To me, acting wasn’t just play (which it was): it was a full-blown quest, which continues to drive me today. That passion keeps me going, even when I’m met with the obligatory industry opposition. Certainly one … [Read more...]

Audiobooks and the Remarkable Imagination of Ray Bradbury

Much of what we do as voice talent, as actors, is telling a story and conveying the human experience.  This is often our initial draw to perform. At an early age, Science Fiction writer Ray Bradbury did this for me through his extraordinary short … [Read more...]

How to Score More Voice Over Work

There isn’t a single, successful business in existence that requires little or no effort, investment or attention.  No business will ever advance if it’s not driven by promotion. Promotion is a constant.  Even once you achieve success, promotion is … [Read more...]

How to Get a Response from Your (Promo) Mailings

There's a one-word response to the question posed: "How do you get a response from your (promo) mailings?" And that's simply, "Frequency." (In fact, that's the ONLY answer.) The reason being what you're trying to accomplish from repeated postcard … [Read more...]

What’s a ‘HOLDING FEE’?

We receive lots and lots of emails from our trusty SOUND ADVICERs, and are thrilled to hear how well you guys are doing. Here's a prime example from Joel Konya in NYC.  Still questions do arise... and we're here to help! "WHAT'S A HOLDING … [Read more...]

Creating Momentum: Why We Must Continually Promote

Every single promotional piece you send out is auditioning for you when you’re not there: so any and all promotion is an opportunity to make yourself that much more accessible to the work. The more traffic you drive to your site with postcards and … [Read more...]

The Importance of a Voice-over Only Web Page

If you’re pursuing jobs on-camera while furthering your voice-over career, keep in mind it’s important to keep these two websites independent of each other. We discovered this fact from extensive surveying.The reason being: those most likely to hire … [Read more...]