The Definition of a Successful Voice Over Demo

Beyond defining who you are professionally and what work you do best, your voice over demos are expected to be a professional demonstration of what it is you do best, and depict the sort of work you’re aiming to secure more of.  While there are no … [Read more...]

Why Producing a “Demo” of Your VO Demo Is a Bad Idea UPDATE

Probably the greatest misconception so many talent have with regard to this industry is to create a “makeshift” demo to (supposedly) tide them over until they are “making money”. “I’ll get a good demo later.” Or, “I’ll produce a better demo after … [Read more...]

How to Define Your Type, Part II

When it comes to voice-over, you can break down types into three (albeit broad) categories:  The Unusual Voice.  This is a voice that is unequaled and difficult to compare. This one may not be correct for everything but, with a generous serving of … [Read more...]

Want Feedback on Your VO Demos?

Here's a rather novel idea for this or any business: at SOUND ADVICE we never advise you to ask for feedback on your demo tracks, whether we produced them or not. Think about it. If you're pro, why would you ever ask, "What do you think of my … [Read more...]