ChampagneWe should celebrate.  I’m not kidding. Here’s why: Can you imagine being booked on a voice over job and the client is connecting and recording you from your home recording set up, as meager as it may be, and ending up with a professional final product that is national broadcast quality? Well, dream no more. That day has arrived!

You could say the future arrived in earnest about a month ago when the floodgate opened with the (more-or-less broad) release, and great deal of hub-bub, associated with ipDTL, SoundStreak, and Source-Connect NOW.  These three products all but replace ISDN, the antiquated, extremely costly, industry standard that allows studios to connect (patch) from one location to another offering a production experience as if you’re in the same studio even though you may be thousands of miles apart and in two different states. Considering patching with studios in various regions across the country is commonplace in the voice over business, this is a terrific advancement. The best in many, many years!

Until recently, Source-Connect had been the professional studio replacement for ISDN, and certainly every pro studio has adopted both ISDN and Source-Connect as their most reliable patching options. It’s been an affordable alternative to the cost of ISDN. Source-Connect has been the standard digital patch utilized in most parts of the world for the last 8 years, except in the States, which still relies heavily on ISDN in part because the Internet is faster, more reliable, and FREE in most countries. (I know, I know.)

Enter ipDTL (internet protocol Down The Line), a Web App created by British-based tech company In:Quality. It’s designed to replace the extremely expensive, antiquated, professional-grade, studio-to-studio patching option known as ISDN. ipDTL is a potential voice-over industry game changer which inexpensively allows producers to connect directly with your home recording studio from nearly any where they may be and to edit in real time, provided both parties have: Google Chrome browser, a stable Internet connection, and at least one of the two parties is subscribed to ipDTL.

Equally, Source-Connect also offers their version called Source-Connect NOW, which is technically identical to ipDTL, except at the moment it’s FREE to any existing Source-Connect subscriber (again which most pro studios are today, often in addition to ISDN) while ipDTL, on the other hand, currently runs $160 a year.

Source-Connect NOW (offered by Source-Elements) will likely have a subscription cost at some point, we just don’t know what that will be, or if they will continue to offer this option to those already licensed to use Source-Connect, since this technology is so new.

According to producer, Jeff Finney, our Head of Production (and our Chicago studio manager), Source-Connect NOW has even greater features than the ipDTL version. (Jeff’s tested both.)  So far these two remarkable options are extremely promising.  With any luck, we could see either of them (or both) do away with ISDN entirely by the end of the year.

Potentially, this new patching option even allows us, as SOUND ADVICE, to record your demo from your simple home recording set up, provided your home studio sound quality meets our recording standards.  Plus, offers greater opportunities for you to patch with potential producers on future bookings as well.

Granted this form of digital patch, either ipDTL or SourceConnect NOW, (we have no direct experience with SoundStreak; a very different product than the other two and a more costly, too. is very new and not fully road-tested just yet, but the potential is remarkable!  So, we’ll keep you posted as this new technology is (ideally, quickly and seamlessly) embraced by the industry.

Fingers crossed!  The future is now! Care for a cigar? ›

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