Do I have to have a home recording studio to successfully land steady voice-over work?


It doesn’t hurt!  In fact, you open yourself up to a great deal more opportunities nationwide, if not internationally, as a voice-over.

That said, if you’re not all that tech savvy to begin with—we suggest you concentrate efforts on being a talent, first and foremost!  Get at least eight months to a year under your belt and then branch out into recording your auditions from home.

Regardless of your background with recording auditions or even actual sessions from home, at SOUND ADVICE we can’t recommend Erik Martin of enough!

Erik is the “pro’s pro,” yet approachable, affordable, and experienced enough to understand what you need as you need it.  He makes life EASY for every strata of voice-over.  And that makes it far easier for you to land a greater volume of work from a greater variety of sources!  GENIUS!!

Regardless of your location, offers personalized service for every level of home-recording assistance, through online video tutorials, as well as support as technology changes and your skills improve.