How do you get paid if you’re nonunion and you did the job from your home recording studio?


As a nonunion talent, you will be hired, on occasion, by your smaller-market agent or local vendor to voice random work such as in-house tutorials, local radio, training films, brief Web promotions, etc.  Typically you will be expected to record these sessions from your home recording setup.

At SOUND ADVICE, we urge you to work through a talent agent to ensure a proper pay rate.  The agent legitimizes your work and knows the true value of the job.

If you don’t secure the work through a talent agent, the responsibility for getting paid falls to you.

Keep in mind, you are setting a precedent with each new client when you establish a rate, and there’s no real turning back.  The client will count on that rate in future dealings with you, and we want to encourage repeat employment.  If you want to ensure payment, it’s always best to have the client pay half up front, through a PayPal account you’ve set up for yourself, and then pay the balance upon delivery.

Even if the client is a friend, we urge you to keep this policy in order to maintain better accountability of payment.

To learn more about how to establish and run your small business as a working voice talent, schedule a one-on-one Orientation. We can deliver this service regardless of your location via Skype.