How do you know when you need a new demo?


If you have a professionally produced demo but you haven’t landed a proper agent or are working steadily, then consider the following before completely throwing the baby out with the bath water:

  • Does your old demo run almost two minutes (or more)?
  • Do your agents handle much voice-over?
  • Have you sent out repeated promotional mailings to producers and potential clients for at least two years? If not, then you really have no idea whether the demo works for you.
  • Has it been four years or more since you last updated your demos? Depending on your age range and the changes in the market, you may need to tweak an otherwise effective demo.
  • Do some of the spots on your demo sound like fake commercials rather than actual national spots?
  • Have you landed a few good national television spots that you could add to your current demos?
  • Does your demo sound great to you, but your graphics aren’t professional?

Listen to some of the demos featured on our demos page. Does your demo compare with the level of professional production heard there? If not, you’re not even in the ballpark, and it’s time to professionally upgrade your demo.