How many auditions can I expect it to take before I start landing work?


It varies dramatically from one talent to the next and depends on whether you are doing whatever you can to make yourself available to the work that suits you best.  Even if you are doing everything “right,” it may take, and often does take, as many as 150 to 200 auditions before you ever land a job.

Then again, you may take off like a rocket and begin to work steady after only one or two auditions. It’s not common or very likely, but it can happen.

We’ve discovered most talent generally harbor the misconception that it should take no more than five or six auditions to book your first job, then they expect to book every other audition from there on out for the rest of their career.  Wonderful thought, but mathematically, this is a gross improbability.

The fact is, auditioning regularly is half the job of being a working talent. The more you audition, the more likely you will secure steady work for yourself.

Auditions are your greatest promotion, provided they are not your sole form of promotion.  If so, you’ll ultimately find you have fewer and fewer auditions and therefore fewer and fewer opportunities to work.

Here’s the thing: If you’re easily frustrated or far too impatient and rely solely on one to two auditions a month, then it could and probably will take from now until doomsday for you to begin to work steadily.

Auditioning alone requires skills that must be mastered and continually developed. The more you drill them, the better off you’ll be.

Go into every audition like you’re already booked on the job—deliver a finished performance. Then once you’ve delivered the best audition you’re capable of—MOVE ON! Put it behind you. Stop counting the jobs you didn’t get and start figuring out your next promotional blitz and to whom.

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