How much does a demo cost?

This is the single hardest question to answer regarding the subject of voice-over. It depends on so many factors and variables, such as:

  • Are you a complete novice?
  • Are you a relatively seasoned actor, but voice-over is a new medium to you.
  • How much training or career guidance will you need to focus your efforts most effectively?
  • Do you have an agent? Does he or she specialize in voice-over?
  • Are you planning on promoting your demo?
  • How current is your knowledge of the business and what’s required of you?
  • Are you technically inclined and able to record auditions from home?
  • If you’re a well-established talent, do you have an effective game plan to secure work?
  • How many demos are you planning to tweak or have produced?

These and numerous other specific elements all factor in to what it will take to produce your demos.  At Sound Advice we prefer to approach each talent individually and custom tailor their demos according to an overall promotional plan.

If you shop around, you’re likely to hear demos range in cost anywhere from $850 to upwards of $10,000 per track, which can only add to your confusion. Rates can vary widely so you have to consider what you’re getting for your investment.

The cost of your demo must reflect what you’re getting for your money and what you’re trying to accomplish. So when determining rates among demo producers, do your best to avoid back-tracking by enlisting the most-cutting edge, up-to-date, full-service, and supportive options, otherwise you’ll only frustrate yourself and push your career goals further from your reach.

To learn more about the SOUND ADVICE approach to voice-over and performance, check out our SERVICES page and give us a call to get scheduled. We can even coach you from the comfort of your home computer using SKYPE!