How To Get More Voice Acting Jobs Marketing 101 for Actors & Voiceovers

How to Get More Voice Acting Jobs:
Marketing 101 for Actors & Voiceovers

By Kate McClanaghan


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You may have the greatest skills, the most remarkable demos, and the most appealing graphics and Web site in the business, without consistent and repeated promotion little if anything will come of them. And we can’t have that! 

 Your voice acting career is no one’s responsibility but YOURS.  Your talent agent offers you opportunities you would not likely secure on your own.  Agents negotiate and validate the value of each project you land through them.  But they do not promote you per se. 

The primary reason you picked up How to Get More Voice Acting Jobs: Marketing 101 for Actors & Voiceovers is in order to take your career in your own hands and establish your brand.  To accomplish that you need a process, which we lay out here in detail.

 It is a proven fact the following process, done frequently and in its entirety, increases your opportunity for employment exponentially, and you will find you’ll have a great deal more control over your career. So, this process could be considered the single-most important step you can take to establish, re-launch, or maintain yourself in this business. The only way you can do it wrong is to not do it at all or to use outdated mailing lists, which creates undue waste, frustration, and costs.

This promotional process is designed to effectively establish yourself as a voice-over with various producers across the country, but most especially with advertising agency creatives for commercial work.   Better than 78 percent of our Sound Advice clients attribute this promotional process to their ultimate success in this field. Your small business as a working talent relies on it, provided it’s done completely and with consistency.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking, “Once I’m making money, I’ll promote myself.” That day will NEVER arrive, because the logic is completely backward.


 It stands to reason repeated promotion will establish your name and your brand identity in the industry. Promotion drives traffic directly to your voice-over demos and from there you will secure work.  This is rarely done with a single postcard mailing.  It takes dedication, and if you promote yourself, you WILL work. It may not be right away, but with some tenacity and due diligence you’re bound to see a return.

This doesn’t mean two or three full mailings over the course of a year will necessarily garner direct results either. It may. But the real aim here is to establish yourself as a brand in relation to voice-over. That requires two to three years of due diligence. And that due diligence has to be targeted, consistent promotion to those most likely to hire you.

The Secret Sauce: The SOUND ADVICE Regional Mailing Lists

An exclusive feature we maintain and update with great frequency at Sound Advice is the seven regional and specialized mailing lists consisting of targeted creative contacts.  As voice overs, and all other forms of freelance talent, you would not normally have such specific and targeted access to those most likely to hire you.  Yet, given our casting and production expertise, we do and pass this extraordinary access to you. However, these creative contacts ONLY accept direct mail promotions. (They, like you, consider unsolicited email to be spam.  And no one appreciates spam!)

These contacts move around a great, great deal. People come and go from one agency to the next, from city to city. They move up, move over, go freelance, switch ad campaigns, and transfer their skills to corporate industrial or documentary or what have you. 

Considering it takes at least seven impressions (promotions) to the same individuals before they acknowledge or “bite”, it is imperative repeated promotions are made to the same contacts again and again.

 You’re essentially promoting yourself with your promotional postcards (with direct links to your demos on your voice over only Web site) to a huge swarm of people that never remain in one place for very long and are continually expanding.

Of course, nothing in this industry remains static for long and neither should you. It’s the difference between making yourself known and falling into (or remaining in) oblivion. And the latter is not an option.

So, if you become dormant after sending out a single promotional mailing, then you need to pick up the reins all over again. And there’s no time like the present.

Oh, Bother!

 You may have had the passing notion that you might be “bothering” the various producers with your repeated promotions. Yet, keeping yourself from promotion will only serve to secure your anonymity and force you to remain in oblivion.

Out of sight, out of mind. They can’t book you if they don’t know or have access to you. Clients are more likely to hire what appears familiar, which further fortifies the effectiveness of continued promotion. We don’t have the luxury of face time with potential clients in today’s voice over market to establish relationships and develop a rapport as you do with on-camera auditions, so again your repeated postcard mailings allow you the opportunity to make these connections.

Additionally, we do not advise cold calling, texting, or forwarding your headshots to our voice-over mailing lists.  Headshots should be sent to casting directors ONLY, rather than producers and creatives. 

QR Codes: Direct Links to Your Demos

Ah, technology. Who knew the future would arrive so soon and bring with it the very thing every professional marketer has dreamed of since watching The Jetsons on Saturday mornings as a kid. They’re called QR Codes, short for Quick Response Codes, and it’s very likely you’ve seen them included in ads in magazines and on posters as you walk through the airport.

QR Codes can be scanned with a simple app from any smartphone or iPad.They can lead directly to your voice-over Web site. That link to your site will then be “bookmarked” on the mobile device until it’s removed at a later date.

 QR Code

 But wait, the plot thickens! Considering today creatives rely more on their mobile devices than on their laptops (as nearly any self-respecting businessperson would), it stands to reason you now can promote and communicate with them on these terms to greater effect than ever before. 

According to industry data, ad agency creatives (your targeted audience and potential clients) are far more likely to be receptive to scanning your QR Code from your promotional postcard than if you were to send them an e-mail with a direct link to your site. In fact, statistics show less than 8 percent of e-mailed site links are ever accessed. And yet greater than 80 percent of all sites scanned via QR Codes are not only accessed, but are accessed repeatedly—up to ten times during the four weeks that follow first scanning the QR Code. Now, that’s a dramatic promotional improvement! 

It’s also worth noting: The average QR Code is generally kept on the mobile device for up to three months…just in time for your next postcard mailing to that region. How opportune! 

Nearly everything we have detailed here in How to Get More Voice Acting Jobs: Marketing 101 for Actors & Voiceovers is about as basic promotion as it can be for any other industry.  If you stand a hope to book voice acting jobs, this is most certainly how it’s done for this industry, even though it’s not likely anyone else will tell you just that, except us.

So, given all of this, the value of direct mailing your promotional postcards has just increased by at least 80 percent over any other time in the history of promotion, making the future far more optimistic.

Seize the day!

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