Headphones and microphoneThere isn’t a single, successful business in existence that requires little or no effort, investment or attention.  No business will ever advance if it’s not driven by promotion.

Promotion is a constant.  Even once you achieve success, promotion is required of you to generate further business.   Movie stars who stay home instead of promoting their films aren’t movie stars for very long.  You must continue to promote or you won’t work.  And like most small businesses this requires you establish yourself as a brand, which can take three to five years to do—like any small business.  That’s just a fact.

You’d think this idea would be elementary.  Yet scores of talent, with enormous potential and ability, harbor the common career-killing misconception that they will promote themselves AFTER achieving a moderate amount of success.  Unfortunately for them, this rarely occurs due to the simple fact they have it completely backwards, and can cement thousands upon thousands of would-be professionals into utter oblivion. You could have the very best demo, greatest logo and web site, but without promotion—it’ll die with you.

Even those just starting out with only a modicum of ability will develop their skills and become better and more sought-after simply through continuous and effective promotion due to their exposure to the work. These talent will find themselves well-established in this business in a few short years due to strong promotional skills in many cases prior to developing strong performance skills.  Promotion leads to opportunity.  Opportunity leads to ability.  

Meanwhile those terrifically talented individuals with little or no promotional drive typically find themselves coasting further and further away from their career goals. Their performance muscle (and confidence) will ultimately atrophy from lack of use.

Even if you have the benefit of nepotism, or a well-connected friend, better than 90% of your job as a working talent is promotion if you hope to continue in this business beyond an initial meeting with a possible talent agent regardless of your experience level or past success rate. 

At SOUND ADVICE we have developed the most-effective promotional process available anywhere. This process is required to effectively secure representation from talent agents and to make yourself available to potential clients in order for you to maximize your booking potential and auditions.  This tried and true process has established and advanced the careers of scores of talent, and it’s meant to do the very same for you, too.

If you had the keys to the kingdom, would you put them to use—or would you lose them in the couch?  It’s ultimately up to you.

Promotion is a matter of math and momentum; it must be done a LOT and to many. By doing so your career will generate a return.  Without it, the likelihood of wasting all your best efforts increases by a terrific margin.  Luckily we have the tools to turn it all around and help you actively control for destiny.  The future is in your hands… with the right tools, of course!

Contact us to purchase our most current copy of The SOUND ADVICE Encyclopedia of Voice-over & the Business of Being a Working Talent for the most-effective promotional process available anywhere.  

Run your career instead of letting it run you!  ★


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