JUNE 2015

“In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm…
in the real world all rests on perseverance.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Geothe


Promote or Perish!

There’s really is no point in having a demo if no one knows you have one.

You’re more likely to book based on familiarity. However, familiarity only comes about through repeated promotions. What marketing and PR professionals know that you might not is the simple fact that your target audience doesn’t even realize you’re attempting to communicate with them until you’ve promoted yourself at least SEVEN to TWELVE times. Therefore, your promotional postcard promotions (yes, POSTCARDS!) must be sent again and again and again to the same individual before they are likely to even acknowledge your presence at all.

Your potential client (the people most likely to hire you as a voice talent) absolutely loathes unsolicited emails—probably even more than you do! So, just to allow yourself the opportunity to break out of oblivion, you must dedicate yourself to repeated promotions. Out of sight, out of mind.

You wouldn’t walk through a grocery store and purchase anything that was completely foreign to you. We generally go with what we know.

Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are both time-tested household names for one reason: they never stop promoting. This should be your mission, too, considering any successful businessperson will tell you promotion is better than 90% of their business. You might even say promotion makes their business. The remaining 10% of the equation is your product: your performance and a demonstration of your abilities on your voice-over demo. Assuming your product is prepared well the remainder of your job consists of ongoing promotion. This remains the case whether you’re an established star like George Clooney or whether you’re just starting out. Both sides of this equation require continued care.

Committing to a promotional plan is critical to the success of your small business as a voice-over. In fact, as a small business owner, you should expect to dedicate no less than a three-to-five-years to establishing and furthering your brand through consistent promotion.

Yet the average talent shirks their responsibility of maintaining a professional presence rationalizing that they “don’t want to be a bother”, or making the excuse that “promotion is the talent agent’s job”. Either notion will insure your anonymity. In fact the result will most often be oblivion.

But if you’re trained and your demo is exceptional (and it most certainly is if we had anything to do with it),—then you have a Maserati for a demo, but it won’t get you anywhere if you leave it parked in the garage. You have to promote your demo in order to drive your career. It’s promote or perish. Certainly talent agents want to help, but this is honestly not their area of expertise nor is it their responsibility. This is YOUR career and this is how you run it!

Beyond our exceptional training and demo production, you could say our exclusive marketing plan and mailing lists are our secret sauce and precisely why our clients succeed as well as they do. Discover the most-effective, step-by-step process to propel your career forward. Only SOUND ADVICE offers such direct access to those most likely to hire you as a voice-over. ›

How To Master Your VO Auditions From Home

It’s said that one is the loneliest number and there’s something to that. For instance, you rarely get the opportunity to see anyone else audition, especially if it’s for voice-over and you’re auditioning from your home computer.

There’s a distinct learning curve that needs to be mastered when auditioning from home—and not just technically. Auditioning from home may pose a bit of an issue when it comes to your delivery for reasons that might surprise you, too. Many talent find themselves offering repetitive performance habits during their auditions as they become more and more familiar with this new auditioning process.

Being all by your lonesome in front of your mic at home demands you develop your self-directing skills and continually challenge yourself with each take. It’s imperative you vary up your read and change up your attack to suit the appropriate script—especially when you have a handful of auditions to crank out quickly to return to your agents.

So maybe you need a tune-up. Chances are great you’ll give yourself too long a runway when you begin recording your auditions from home. You’ll likely overthink every audition, give yourself 40 takes, and then submit take 5 when all is said and done.

Considering most voice-over auditions are now recorded from simple home-recording setups, it’s imperative you develop the basic skills to record, edit and submit an effective audition remotely if you intend to work with any consistency in this field. Yet none of this is immediately intuitive. It takes practice… and assistance at the start. You don’t want to subject your talent agents to your on-going mistakes and initial hiccups. Especially if you only just secured representation. You want to continue to build your relationship rather than undermine their confidence in you. It would only reflect poorly on you as a professional if you kept missing auditions, or turned in marginally usable auditions.

Fear not, we have a remedy! To develop your performance skills and make the most dynamic choices possible, we first suggest a Continued Coaching Package. We offer custom-tailored, three or more one-on-one coaching sessions into a discounted package that can be delivered in person in either one of our studios or by Skype from the comfort of your home computer. Regardless of your skill level or experience, every talent requires coaching to refresh their approach and enhance their skills from time to time. The greater the professional, the higher the yardstick. More will be expected and required of them; professional integrity is on the line.

Second, in order to develop your recording and editing mojo, we strongly suggest you sign up for an exclusive service we call Practice Auditions. This service allows you the opportunity to develop your home-recording skills over eight-consecutive weeks. You’re e-mailed faux auditions which you record and edit from home, and then e-mail back to us using fictitious deadlines to challenge you just as you would actual auditions sent to you by your talent agents.

Practice Auditions let you make and correct common mistakes in a safe setting where you can learn from them so you’ll avoid making them with your talent agents and potential clients. This is the swiftest way to develop the technical audition skills you need to deliver an audition you can confidently stand behind. This remarkable process trains you to become experienced with turning around numerous auditions quickly all week long.

We’ve got your back. There honestly is safety in numbers. And like all of our services, training and production, this is an invaluable service you won’t find anywhere else but SOUND ADVICE. ›

A Gentle Reminder

June, July and August are magical months in a variety of ways, not the least of which they offer the greatest opportunity to train, to commit to demo production and to promote yourself to agents and potential clients.

If you have yet to start coaching, producing your demos or promoting your self, now’s your chance! I can’t stress how rewarding you can make this summer—AND still enjoy plenty of down time with friends and family, IF you simply dedicate yourself to establishing your career RIGHT NOW! And we can help.

So, get busy living or drift further away from your true career goals. The future is in your hands right now. Give us a call to START today! 323.464.0990 ›

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