“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” ― Brian Tracy


A Parade of Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

This year has been one of the most ground breaking, game-changing, forward-advancing years this business has seen since Edison recited, “Mary had a little lamb” into a gramophone.

To begin, we opened this year introducing eight (count ‘em… eight) digital books covering every aspect of this industry, which we lovingly refer to as The SOUND ADVICE How-To Be a PRO VO SERIES. They’re designed to advance your career from the comfort of your computer or mobile device for as little as $10.99.

Then we completely overhauled our very own Encyclopedia of Voice-Over from start to finish and released the third edition in April. There literally isn’t a more specific, up-to-date industry reference available anywhere! (As a special note: When you purchase them off our site you receive BOTH the physical book and the digital version for your iPad, Kindle or Nook, but only from our site alone and at this discounted rate.)

We also rolled out a brand-new service this year we call Home Recording Help. Thankfully, for the equivalent of our hourly coaching session, our head of production, producer Jeff Finney, lends his expertise over Skype. This way we can see, as well as hear, the challenges you may be facing to offer the best, most frugal solutions possible.

Additionally, we’ve created some of the most extraordinary podcasts in the business, often featuring unprecedented professionals—they just keep getting better. So, if you haven’t subscribed yet (they’re FREE)… sign up now on iTunes or SoundCloud. GREAT stuff!

And, thankfully, with the introduction of ipDTL* and SourceConnect NOW the future looks astoundingly bright. If these two terms are foreign to you, then schedule an Orientation/ Career reBoot session right away. Discover what your assets are, what you need to know, what you need to develop, and specifically how to proceed to succeed. We offer this and nearly all of our services via Skype if coming in to either one of our studios proves too far or difficult, just as you will most likely do with many of your potential clients.

As always, we’re thankful for knowing and working with YOU! You’re why we do what we do! We’ll continue to supply you with the most-current advances and insights into the voice over and entertainment industry as a whole. Thank goodness! ›


How To Master Your VO Auditions From Home

It’s said that one is the loneliest number and there’s something to that. For instance, you rarely get the opportunity to see anyone else audition, especially if it’s for voice-over and you’re auditioning from your home computer.

Auditioning from home may pose a bit of an issue when it comes to your delivery for reasons that might surprise you, too. There’s a distinct learning curve that needs to be mastered when auditioning from home—and not just technically. Many talent find themselves offering repetitive performance habits during their auditions as they become more and more familiar with this new auditioning process.

Being all by your lonesome in front of your mic at home demands you develop your self-directing skills and you continually challenge yourself. It’s imperative you vary up your read and change up your attack to suit the appropriate script—especially when you have a handful of auditions to crank out quickly and return to your agents. This is the basis for our coaching at SOUND ADVICE: to build your most dynamic, most agile performance skills.

So maybe you need a tune-up. Chances are great you’ll give yourself too long a runway when you begin recording your auditions from home. You’ll likely overthink it, give yourself 40 takes, and then submit take 5 when all is said and done.

Considering more than half of all voice-over auditions are now recorded from simple home-recording setups, it’s imperative you develop the basic skills to record, edit and submit an effective audition remotely if you intend to work with any consistency in this field. Yet none of this is immediately intuitive. It takes practice and assistance. You don’t want to subject your talent agents to your on-going mistakes and initial hiccups. It would only reflect poorly on you as a professional.

Fear not, we have a remedy! To develop your performance skills and make the most dynamic choices possible, we first suggest a Continued Coaching Package. We custom-tailored, three or more one-on-one coaching sessions into a discounted package that can be delivered in person in either one of our studios or by Skype from the comfort of your home computer. Regardless of your skill level or experience, every talent requires coaching to refresh their approach and enhance their skills from time to time. The greater the professional, the higher the yardstick: more will be expected and required of them; professional integrity is on the line.

Second, in order to develop your recording and editing mojo, we strongly suggest you sign up for an exclusive service we call Practice Auditions. This service allows you the opportunity to develop your home-recording skills over eight-consecutive weeks. You’re e-mailed faux auditions which you record and edit from home, and then e-mail back to us using fictitious deadlines to challenge you just as you would receive actual auditions sent to you you’re your talent agents.

Practice Auditions lets you make and correct common mistakes in a safe setting where you can learn from them so you’ll avoid making them with your talent agents. This is the swiftest way to develop the technical audition skills you need to deliver an audition you can confidently stand behind. This remarkable process trains you to become experienced with turning around numerous auditions quickly all week long.

We’ve got your back. There honestly is safety in numbers. And like all of our services, training and production, this is an invaluable service you won’t find anywhere else but SOUND ADVICE. ›


The Best Time to Get an Agent

Certainly we’ve long recommended you pursue representation during the summer months, due to the success rate of securing talent agents when they aren’t quite as inundated with production. It should be a relief to learn pursuing representation between Thanksgiving and New Year’s has proven to be just as successful (if not more so) due in part to the fact that talent agents reassess their talent pool for the new year and “clean out the clutter”, just like most businesses. Agents are often more receptive to scheduling meetings with you during this time of year. So, be prepared and take advantage of the season!

Commit yourself to promoting to the talent agents using our exclusive 8-consecutive-week process laid out in detail in our recently updated The SOUND ADVICE Encyclopedia of Voice-over & The Business of Being a Working Talent. This is the single most successful process you can follow to secure a talent agent. It’s proven remarkably successful regardless if you’re strictly pursuing voice over, or on-camera work, or both! ›


J.G. emailed….

I’m up to my neck catching up today due to an appointment that has pushed me behind schedule.  However, I wanted to get this note off to you and send you this personal Thank You from our Door Prize winner at Faffcon 7, Sharon Anderlik from Chicago.  Nice gal who is very appreciative for your Encyclopedia of Voice-Over.  This was a featured gift through me for you and Sound Advice.  When announced, you got some great play from (the host) who gave it the Price Is Right thrill as Sharon came running from her seat to pick it up and then get photographed for prosperity.

Passed out your cards, book and info to a grateful Faffcon audience.  I wanted to share this with you and thank you for the generous donation.  Worked out better with this larger crowd at FC7 than the 1st annual meeting at WoVo, which YOU need to join.  Get more info at  Would love to see you with us all.  Membership is skyrocketing.  Please use my name as a reference to be admitted.

Thanks Kate!  Biz is good.  Life is still fun!

Kate: Congratulations, Sharon! And thank you, J.G., for the acknowledgements from you and all in attendance! Sounds like a good time was had by all! ›


* ipDTL stands for Internet Protocol Down The Line, a Web App designed to replace expensive, complicated, (and antiquated) technology, used to connect one studio to another for professional voice-over recording sessions.


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