The fact is:
You can’t work in this industry
without a demo.

At SOUND ADVICE, we produce demos that go the distance. To be effective, your voice-over demo must be able to successfully meet industry standards that are not readily known by most other demo producers.

What makes SOUND ADVICE stand apart from the rest is our personalized approach and our extraordinary expertise in this field.  There is no greater value for demo production available anywhere.

The best voice-over demos define who you are, what you do best, and the sort of work you want more of, otherwise they aren’t a proper demonstration of you as a professional talent.

sound advice featured demos

Jeff Finney Kate McClanaghan
Anthony Petaros VO Kerry Kimble Voice Over
Anthony Petaros Kerry Kimble
Skip Mahaffey Voice Over  
Skip Mahaffey Erica Rice
Deanna Moffitt
Jim Meskimen Deanna Moffitt
Andrew Adamany Voice OVER  Elizabeth Pawlowski Voice Over
Andrew Adamany Elizabeth Pawlowski
RF Daley
Camilla Bassaly
Dave Shropshire Voice Over Bridgette Campbell Voice Over
Dave Shropshire Bridgette Campbell
Andre Jack Voice Over  Lori White Voice Over
Andre Jack  Lori White
Cameron Daxon Commercial Demo Jennifer Chambers Voice Over
Cameron Daxon  Jennifer Chambers
Timmy Morgan Tamra Meskimen
Eric Zuber VO
Eric Zuber  Eve Bollin
Quanah Rhodes Voice Over  Jen Rand Voice Over
Quanah Rhodes  Jen Rand
Jim Humay   Coral Rhoads
Eric Saleh Voice Over  Lynne Magnavite Voice Over
Eric Saleh Lynne Magnavite
 Dan Scheoneberg Voice Over  Michele Bailey Voice Over
Dan Schoeneberg Michele Bailey 
Cody Graham Voice Over
Lauren Savage Voice Over
Cody Graham Lauren Savage

Arnold Pritsker Voice Over
Kaitlyn Lynch Voice Over
Arnold Pritsker  Kaitlyn Lynch
August Anderson Voice Over
August Anderson  Cameron Protzman
 Hannah Marie Sack
 Tanner Davis Hannah Marie Sack

At SOUND ADVICE our expertise isn’t simply based on our experience in producing well over 5,000 successful demos.  We’ve surveyed more than 12,000 of your potential clients as to what they need and want from your demos. This is why no one else can offer you a more objective approach to this industry than we can. This makes us valuable far above and beyond skillful, professional audio production, which is a given with us—as the demos listed on our site can attest.

You shouldn’t have to overhaul your demo every year, but instead allow it to establish who you are and define what you bring to the industry as a professional.  Demos, by design, should instill confidence that you are more than capable and qualified to deliver a professional performance, which is why every demo produced through SOUND ADVICE, like every talent, must be individually assessed.  Every spot on your voice-over demo should sound like an authentic, exceptional (national-caliber) spot that displays your best abilities to your target audience: those most likely to hire you.

At SOUND ADVICE we have the inside track on precisely what should (and should NEVER) be included on a voice-over demo if you hope to work consistently in this business.  We custom-tailor everything we do, therefore our cost is based on our best estimation of effort, and a fair, affordable flat rate is established from there.

Flat-Rate Demo Production Package*

Our SOUND ADVICE Flat-Rate Voice-over Demo Package is tailored specifically to your individual needs and based on our professional assessment for the best possible results.

Our flat-rate demo package includes:

  • Copy selected and tailored specifically for you to suit the sort of work you’re most likely to land  (Commercial, Narrative, Promo, Animation, or Spanish)
  • Expert audio recording, mixing, and editing with seasoned producers
  • Unequaled in-studio direction and career guidance
  • Referrals to reliable professional vendors for the best possible graphics, promotional materials, and Web design from those who understand the specific needs of voice-over talent
  • A strategic marketing and promotional plan designed to establish and run your small business and advance your career for the greatest return on your initial investment

*Cost is based on our professional assessment of each individual talent.