Securing proper representation is key to building your career and achieving your goals as a professional.Knowing this, many talent tend to hang on every word a talent agent might utter, as if it were the last word.And, while it’s important to any relationship, professional or otherwise, to listen and heed the professional preferences your agent may require of you, your own common sense, good judgment and courteous professional behavior are these skills that will serve you far greater than anything else.

It’s your career. Own it and own up to it.

Agents are only human.They say things; make suggestions on a whim occasionally, like so many of us.Only we’re less likely to be tested as they are by continually being asked what we think.

And while you may be hanging on their every word of advice and counsel, they honestly want to help but what they think at the very moment you ask them is often completely subjective.If you asked them about the same random item six to eight months later you are likely to hear a dramatically different response. Not because they are fickle or flaky, but because they are people who work and adapt very quickly to this extremely kinetic field. YOUR Job

The fact remains you are expected to arrive fully realized to a talent agent if you expect to work.That is to say, you are expected to be a ‘complete package’, ready and able to deliver.This means the promotional materials the agent needs from you, in order to submit you for the work they have access to must be up-to-date and represent what it is you do best and what you want more of. This means your headshots, voice-over demos, on-camera reels, web pages, your performance and audition skills must be of a professional caliber in order for any agent to rep you well when you’re not there, otherwise you, and therefore your agent, will be at a decided disadvantage.

Beyond that, your ability to give your agent solutions rather than problems, especially when it comes to your schedule, and your ability to deliver a consistently, effective performance when called upon at a moment’s notice will be the deal-killers or -creators of your career.These are the items that an agent can’t overcome or handle for you.They fall solely to you as a talent!

December is wonderful month to pursue representation and get a jump on the coming new year.

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