SOUND ADVICE May 2013 Newsletter

On Stage

How to Build Your Cold Reading Skills
It’s not very likely you’ll get the copy (script)  in advance of your auditions, unless you’re auditioning for an on-camera role for film or TV. All the more reason to build your skills as a strong cold reader and the best way to develop those skills is to read anything and everything out loud.

It’s been our experience that once you have produced your demos with us and promoted them well, it’s very likely you will be booked (hired) right off of them. In fact, you may discover, as so many of our SOUND ADVICE clients do, the likelihood of getting hired directly from your tracks increases by as much as 80 percent with those who consistently promote themselves. In which case you won’t have the benefit of the audition to become familiar with the copy prior to the session. Therefore, the first time you read the spot will be in front of the client while you’re in the booth. The point is, there’s no underestimating the importance of building and maintaining effective cold reading skills. 

If you’re already a strong cold reader—wonderful! Then, the only caution is becoming too set in a single delivery, offering no room for discovery or play.

Regardless, you must read a cold script no fewer than six times through just to discover what the script is trying to say. The degree of difficulty will vary with each script and from project to project, but it’s imperative you animate the read fully (or stretch the canvas as we call it here at SOUND ADVICE), especially during your first few reads. The object is to expand your performance playing field right from the start to offer the very best results. 

Avoid giving yourself too long a runway by ramping up into your performance. This can occur when you unwittingly find yourself attempting to craft only one perfect take. The unfortunate effect is often stiff and robotic after 10 takes or more takes, which can be extremely difficult to break free from.  

Your goal as a talent is to offer a handful of honest, appropriate options within the perimeters of the project. The result will be uniquely YOU!

All the more reason to coach with us a few times a year with the objective of continuing to hone your performance muscle, otherwise it will atrophy. Click here for more info: 

How to Succeed at Anything
To succeed at anything you must risk. You have to stick your neck out—and often farther than you ever imagine. This is true in auditions, performance, promotion, and in life! Nothing worthwhile has ever come about from playing it safe. In fact, I’d venture to guess every single goal you ever attained was achieved because you ventured out of your comfort zone. You took a chance. You have to take a wild flying leap from 8,000 feet directly into a Dixie cup to succeed. Nothing comes from playing it safe except seclusion. And you can succeed at that all by your lonesome. But who wants to be lonesome? Get out there and mix it up! You may win, or you may lose. Regardless, you’ll discover you’ll survive, and often far better than you might have ever imagined, if you dive in and take a chance. Besides, it’s a lot more fun! 


Coaching Via Skype
At SOUND ADVICE, we can very easily and effectively coach you either in person or from the comfort of your very own computer utilizing Skype. 

Skype is a wonderful option that’s FREE and utilizes your basic Internet. With it, you stay connected with friends and family even if they happen to be in another country. As long as you have a stable Internet connection and basic computer video/audio capabilities, we can coach you from the privacy of your home computer!

In fact, Skype is a great, cost-free, alternative to using phone patch in many instances. Former SOUND ADVICE recording engineer, Erik Martin’s offers a great deal more about this on his site. 

For help with Skype Sound set up, click here

Give us a call to schedule your next SOUND ADVICE coaching session, and do it from your home computer using Skype. 

What’s Expected of You As a Talent
We’re often taught as talent to “expect the unexpected.” And, I’m sure you would—if you knew what the heck that meant. Well, you may not realize what’s expected of you as a voice talent and as an actor is to keep the delivery fresh and new with each take. This is not only the goal it’s the job. Mastering this spontaneity and agility is what makes you valuable. This is where coaching comes in. If you’re not continually working that muscle, it will most certainly atrophy. 

Further, there isn’t one single, perfect read for any given line, script, or piece of copy. There are thousands. Your read is limited only by your imagination. And your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to deliver a few wonderful reads within the context of what’s being asked of you. Our job as talent is to offer a handful of interesting options. This is true on the audition, on the session, and when you produce your voice-over demo. 

To learn more about what’s expected of you as a talent and to hone your skills so you’ll always be prepared at a moment’s notice to deliver your very best, schedule some one-on-one time for yourself today. 323.464.0990 or email