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We begin with a simple phone call (877) 886-3366

We’d like to speak with you to get a feel for who you are and an idea of what you bring to the table. After all, we’re talking voice over.

If it’s after hours, shoot us an email but be sure to include your number so we can speak with you ASAP.


What We Can Do for You

Our Personalized Voiceover Assessment

You need a solid foundation to be successful in this field. We identify your strengths and weaknesses, offer you exclusive techniques and industry insights that allow you to better navigate the business… from the very beginning.



2-Hour VO Assessment: $175

Our Transformational Voiceover Coaching

Our exclusive approach benefits every skill level, allowing each individual talent the opportunity to deliver their most versatile, agile performance possible.

In order to be a valuable talent you must simultaneously master your ability to effectively self-direct, while developing the skills to easliy apply any direction you may be given. Our transformational voiceover training techniques concentrates on building both.

VO Coaching: $175 pr hr

(discounted coaching packages available)

Our Highly Competitive Voiceover Demo Production

You can’t work in this industry without a proper voiceover demo. And the best demos define who you are, what you do best, and the sort of work you intend to book more of.

When we produce your demo, we supply:

  • Expert direction; both in and out of the booth
  • Curated copy
  • National caliber audio production
  • Exceptional brand identity and web design direction with referrals, as needed

We don’t produce a voiceover demo in an hour. No one takes more time and care creating your demo than we do, because we want your track to last you.

An effective voiceover demo will help you establish and further your voiceover career.



Give us a call at (877) 886-3366

We’d look forward to speaking with you!

If it’s after hours, shoot us an email, but be sure to include your number so we can speak with you ASAP.