To do voice-over I need to be able to do character voices and dialects, right?


Not really. Most of the work available honestly doesn’t typically call for you to sound like anyone other than yourself.

In fact, having random character voices and phony accents featured on your demo is considered unprofessional as a whole for the simple reason it sounds amateurish. Maybe one in 30,000 spots is specifically for a French guy or a German guy. Even then it is more likely an actual French or German guy will be hired. So, do not waste the time on your demo.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should stop playing or creating original characters. It’s just that what’s the most marketable is you being YOU!

If you happen to speak French, German, or another language fluently, then sure, a little of that further in on the demo is totally appropriate depending on the demo you’re producing. But never lead with it in the first 30 to 40 seconds unless it’s your native tongue for a standard commercial track in English.

C’est si bon!

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