Why do I have to promote my demo? Isn’t that my agent’s job?


Maybe you’re one of those people who repeats this mantra everyday: “I hate promoting myself. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Besides, I have no idea how to go about it.” (Hmm. Maybe that’s why you hate it.)

Maybe you think someone else is supposed to handle all your promotion.  If you do you will be abandoning your career to those with less heart and drive than you!

Or maybe you consider promoting yourself to be “boastful” and therefore embarrassing.  Or you “don’t want to be a pest.”  Get over it!  It’s an excuse! You’re avoiding what needs to be done if you’re going to work at all in this business.

This is a business basic: If you consistently promote yourself and persist at it—you’re going to work. You may not start out as the most talented guy in the room but your ability will increase with continually exposing yourself to the auditions and the work until finally you’re cornering the market on whatever it is you do best!

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