Will you tell me if I can’t do this?

There are plenty of people of varying degrees of expertise who are more than happy to quickly tell you “you can’t”—sight unseen, without ever testing your mettle.

At Sound Advice, we’ll tell you if you’re not applying yourself.  We’ll let you know what you should be doing and how to apply yourself in nearly any situation in this field.

We’ll even back you up and be there for you many years after we’ve trained you and produced your tracks.  We’re in this for the long haul and expect you are too. In fact, if we invite you to do a demo it’s because we believe in you and that you will take what you’ve learned from us and run with it.  If we produce your demo tracks, in many respects we are endorsing you, so we want you to represent us well.  That’s vitally important to us, because this is precisely how it reads to the industry and to our professional colleagues.

But, if you’re asking, “Will we tell you whether or not you can join this ‘very exclusive club called voice-over’?”  No, we will not.

NO ONE has the right to tell you whether you can or cannot have a career in this business—or any other for that matter!  It’s elitist. And, to be perfectly honest, you don’t have to take that form of browbeating from anyone.  Ever.

There’s plenty of room in this industry for everyone—provided you’re trained and prepared to deliver your best.  Recently, there’s been more than a 900 percent increase in the amount of voice-over being produced annually. This can be attributed to the rapid expansion of the now more than 2,000 cable stations, Internet, games, and new media, for example, that has become commonplace in this industry—all of which typically require voice-over of some form or another.

Besides, no one does what you do quite the way you do it!

To learn more about the SOUND ADVICE approach to voice-over and performance, check out our SERVICES page and give us a call to get scheduled. We can even coach you from the comfort of your home computer using SKYPE!