10. Do I have to have a home recording studio to do voice over?

It’s not mandatory, but you will certainly open yourself up to a great many more audition opportunities nationwide if you have access to some good basic home recording options.

That said if youʼre not at all tech-savvy and we’re coaching and producing your demo tracks—we will suggest you concentrate your efforts on simply being a dependable talent, first and foremost, and will recommend finding local options to record your auditions and smaller budgeted productions.

When you’re ready to raise your game by recording your auditions from home we recommend ERIK MARTIN of SoundAnswer. He’ll save you literally thousands of dollars and keep it simple enough to fully understand, no matter your tech-experience. He’s approachable, affordable and experienced enough to advise you with precision regardless of where you are located.

Once you have a simple recording and editing set-up from home, you’ll discover there’s a learning curve in recording your auditions sent (via email) from your talent agents in a variety of regions nationwide. For this we recommend a service we offer called ‘Practice Auditions‘ in order for you to develop your editing skills while maintaining your performance chops.

CLICK HERE for more details on services including PRACTICE AUDITIONS.