2. What is a voice-over demo? And do I need one to get voice-over work?

The best definition of a voice-over demo is: a professional representation (a ‘demonstration’) of what you do best in order to illicit similar work. A demo is a well-produced illustration of the sort of work you intend to secure more of.

The fact is you can’t work in voice-over without a demo that’s targeted specifically to the aspect of the industry you are promoting yourself to, due to the fact that the professional recipient of your demo will assume what you are giving them what you feel is the most professional representation of who you are, what you do best and you what bring to the industry. So it’s imperative your demo exhibits the very best of your abilities and efforts, rather than a ‘make-shift’ attempt at appearing professional.

It’s for this very reason we recommend you dedicate yourself to training PRIOR to producing your demo tracks, especially if you are new to the field or genre of voice-over.

At SOUND ADVICE, we begin with our 2-hour career consultation tailor-made to suit your individual needs and goals. We refer to this session as our one-on-one Orientation.

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