3. How much does a demo cost?

For many demo production outfits this is a simple answer, because producing a demo for them is like ordering a pizza. Just not as satisfying. (And, unfortunately their demos typically don’t garner results either!)

Alternatively, at SOUND ADVICE we tailor every demo to you specifically. But to answer this question we need to consider a number of factors, first… such as:

    • Are you a novice and new to voice-over?
    • Or, are you a relatively seasoned talent, but voice-over is a new medium to you, this will also factor into what it will take to create your demo tracks.*
    • How much training or career guidance you’ll need varies from one person to the next. You don’t know what you don’t know and that could be the difference between an effective investment in your career and wasting precious time and money. (We often assess your individual needs from our initial meeting or coaching.)
    • Do you have an agent, or even know how to secure one that specializes in voice-over?
    • Do you know what’s expected of you professionally and how to promote yourself and your demo to those most likely to hire you?
    • How up-to-date is your knowledge of the business and the current market? A great deal has changed, even as recently as the past year, that will have a terrific impact on how successful you can be. This requires some career coaching.

All of these elements play into what it can cost you to establish yourself or update your voice-over materials in order to garner the greatest return on your investment.

We consider these factors and your career goals at SOUND ADVICE when tailoring a demo package that suits you best. We approach this as your ‘startup’ business.

Few if any demo producers, recording engineers or production houses deliver a quality product designed to go the distance, regardless of what they might charge. They will record you in an hour or so, mix the spots in about the same amount of time and all for what we charge at SOUND ADVICE for a great deal more service!

Demos produced by untried production sources will often expect you to find your own scripts. Or if they offer scripts at all, it’s likely they’ve been used again and again on other demos. (These scripts might not suit you at all anyway.) The spots produced from these sources tend to sound like poorly produced local radio spots rather than competitive, career-defining styles that allow the listener to imagine what the commercial look like on TV. Your demos should sound like the sort of national commercial campaigns or professional styles you are attempting to book. The demo is supposed to show where you seamlessly fit into the industry.

At SOUND ADVICE, everything we do is custom-tailored to help define, establish and further you as a professional brand. Our competition is only interested in offering you a “cookie-cutter” demo that ultimately only services their needs rather than yours.

Our insights, experience and personal attention is as unmatched as our success rate, making SOUND ADVICE a far greater value, per hour than any of of our precious few comparable colleagues.

You canʼt buy a career, however you can invest wisely to get the very most for your time and money. That’s SOUND ADVICE!

We have produced better than 5000 demos to date, trained more than 10,000 people and have a remarkable success rate–for any business. We are the vanguard of the industry, having established some of the industry’s more tried and true standards in the more than 20 years we have been in operation.

Click here to hear some of our recent demo productions. Then give us a call to get scheduled for your own custom-tailored, career consultation (our one-on-one Orientation).

*NOTE: This also applies to anyone in radio. The average person considers anyone in radio to be in voice-over, and yet anyone in radio honestly wants to be in voice-over. So, they are two distinctively different fields and skill sets.