4. Will you tell me if I can’t do this?

Weʼll let you know what you should be doing and how to apply yourself in nearly any situation in this field. We’ll tell you if you’re not applying yourself and how to correct the situation so that you can succeed as a steady working talent.

Weʼll even offer you back you up and be there for you many years after we’ve trained and

produced your tracks. (We’re in this for the long haul, and we anticipate you are too.)

But… if youʼre asking: will we tell you whether or not you can join this “very exclusive club

called voice-over”? No, we won’t.

NO ONE has the right to tell you whether you can or cannot have a career in this business or any other business for that matter. Frankly, there’s plenty of room in this industry for everyone—provided youʼre trained and prepared to deliver your best. And we can help you with that.

Granted a great many people are not willing to commit the time or effort at creating careers for themselves. It takes tenacity. If you hope to work in this business, you have to dedicate yourself to it.

And certainly there aren’t many industry professionals who are all that forthcoming with how to navigate this industry, instead they choose to hold their cards very tight to their chest. You have to wonder, what do they hope to gain? Maybe they view you as a threat to their livelihood. After all, new blood is inevitable in every industry.

Either that or they’re afraid you’ll soon discover how little they honestly know about this business and how much they are simply making up as they go rather than basing their information on what they have gathered from surveying established industry professionals nationwide, as we have extensively done here at SOUND ADVICE. What we impart to you is not simply “what we think”–it’s actually based on ardent fact-finding and survey. I don’t know any other voice-over training and production service that can say that.

Which is why we can safely say you’ll know more about this industry after our initial 2-hour service, the one-on-one Orientation, than better than two-thirds of all established voice-over professionals in this industry, regardless of your experience level—or theirs!

Besides, your greatest asset is the simply fact that no one does what you do. You’re the only one of you. But YOU have to be responsible for your career and run it. There’s really no getting around that.

We’re more than happy to assist you in every way we can—but only if you apply yourself. No one can create your career for you but you. We can’t make that any plainer.

Voice-over is a remarkably fun and rewarding field and SOUND ADVICE offers real assistance to people who really want to succeed in it. It’s why we’re here.

It begins with our one-on-one Orientation. Click here to learn more.