7. Do I need to be able to do character voices and dialects to do voice-over?

Not really. This is a common misconception. Most voice-over work honestly doesn’t call for you to sound like anyone but yourself.

In fact, peppering your demo with random character voices and phony accents is considered unprofessional as a whole for the simple reason it sounds amateurish and it doesn’t suit your would-be client’s voice-over needs.

Maybe one in 30,000 spots are specifically for a broad, silly character, or a French guy or a German guy, for instance. In these cases those hiring are more likely to actually hire someone who actually is French or German, and they’ll audition the individual with for the character voice in order to determine whether it’s original and hear how well the voice suits their specific script.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean you should stop playing or creating original characters. The point is the most marketable thing you can depict on your demo you being YOU!

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