8. But, I have all these character voices I do. Everyone says I should be making millions.

If you truly have something you can do repeatedly (without hurting yourself or irritating others)

… characters/voices that are original, then perhaps an animation demo is in order.

However, a commercial demo is whatʼs consistently required of every talent first and foremost and that means more character affectations rather than accents and goofy voices, as those new to the field might initially assume.

Now, that said, please don’t let this information squelch your character work as these skills are not without merit. It’s just that the objective of your demo is to define who you are and how you are perceived in a major market and that means opening you up more realistic deliveries. Any worth-while character actor can attest, there’s a very thin line between full-blown character and full-blown reality.

If youʼre predominantly a character actor itʼs perfectly appropriate to blend humor and personality-driven material with the straighter, more mainstream commercial deliveries that dominate this work. Itʼs a balancing act.

An animation demo is a specialized thing. It’s honestly not for everybody and usually reliant on where you live geographically to glean the greatest return.

Again, for commercial work and games, if they are looking for character, they will audition you for it. Character work is a very specific thing.