9. How do I get a talent agent?

At SOUND ADVICE we have an extensive game plan that has met with a great deal of success for every talent who has utilized it. It’s mapped out in detail in our book,“The SOUND ADVICE Encyclopedia of Voice-over & the Business of Being a Working Talent”.

We cover precisely what an agent’s job is so you don’t have unrealistic expectations of them and their abilities and so you can focus more directly on your career and succeed during our initial service, the one-on-one Orientation. We even suggest ways to secure representation from talent agents in a variety of regions nationwide

We also define the responsibilities and the differences between the casting director, the producer, the talent agent, the talent manager and YOU… the talent. This is invaluable information you’re not likely to learn anywhere else, but where we’re often begin with our very first service, the one-on-one Orientation.

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