Shrop-Midwest-300x300Every single promotional piece you send out is auditioning for you when you’re not there: so any and all promotion is an opportunity to make yourself that much more accessible to the work. The more traffic you drive to your site with postcards and emails and links the greater your opportunity for auditions and bookings.

Yet you’ll find, as you continue on your merry way, many very well-meaning professionals quick to offer you their two cents as to why postcard mailings and demo web sites, “…aren’t at all necessary”. They doubt the effectiveness of direct mailings and will attempt to discourage you from doing the same.

At Sound Advice, we have extensively surveyed scores of your target market audience and produced literally thousands of demos to date. What we’ve discovered is: the Talent who consistently mass promote work the most. The talent who don’t do so usually have a much tougher time establishing themselves in this field and maintaining steady work.

This is elementary for ANY business to succeed. It’s Marketing 101.

We highly recommend you promote yourself repeatedly to industry professionals, region by region, no less than four to six times a year.

The postcards promote the site, the site promotes the demos. The more you promote, the more accessible you’ll be to the work, the more you’ll make your name known, the more likely you’ll see a return on your initial investment by securing steady work in this business.

That in essence is the job, beyond maintaining your skills.

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