There’s a great deal about being a professional voice talent that’s completely out of your hands, such as the personal whims and random considerations of the director, producer, casting director, agent, client or their various assistants that might keep you and your audition from being considered.

Come to think of it, that may be one of the only things you can’t control. It’s an impossible task to attempt to read the minds of a group of people you’ll likely never meet.

However, you can control:

  • The recording quality of your auditions
  • The quality of your performance by maintaining a consistent readiness to deliver your very best at a moment’s notice
  • By quickly and reliably responding to your agents
  • By quickly and reliably turning around exceptional auditions

Other than that, it’s basically a numbers game: the more you audition, the greater your odds of booking. Provided, of course, you have superior voiceover demos, and you continually offer exceptional auditions. Your auditions will determine your reliability, your skill, and your body of work to agents, casting, and producers, alike.

Keep in mind the best audition doesn’t necessarily book the job. ONE of the best auditions does.

Statistics dictate it takes about 200 auditions to book a job, a majority of which you will record on your own from home. Which is why the most useful training you can possibly receive, as a professional talent, is proper guidance on how to master self-direction.

Like athletes, voice talent must continually prepare for a marathon, rather than a sprint. And why we’re about to offer our second webinar dedicated to the cornerstone of our coaching: mastering self-direction. Our exclusive curriculum, at Actors’ SOUND ADVICE, has been based on this simple principal.

Besides, no one can effectively direct you until you’ve first made some dynamic choices with the script and your delivery. Your ability to modify, by immediately accommodating either subtle or dramatic variations to your initial performance, determines your mettle. It determines your true skill, regardless of whether your performance is on- or off-screen.

A bulk of your job as a talent is to maintain the agility to confidently deliver a handful of appropriate options from one take to the next, regardless of whether you’re on an audition or a session. The two should be relatively seamless. But that, like so many things, requires practice.

Voice talent, like all human beings, are creatures of habit. We tend to repeat the same delivery again and again and again, supposedly with the aim to “perfect the take”. However, most submissions offer little or no imagination, often from talent fully capable of offering far more than forgettable, seat-of-your pants performances. In fact, you’re capable of a limitless number of remarkable takes that are unique, clever and appropriate to piece, provided you’re used to doing just that.

Unfortunately, far too many talent make a habit of droning on and on with uninspired deliveries, reads delivered out of poor muscle memory, rather than challenging themselves to go further. And then they wonder why they aren’t getting booked.

Proper technique training gives you a real crack at the bat. If you intend to book steady, or at the very least continually deliver from the top of your game, your mission must be to become ‘the readiest of the ready’. To trust your instincts, you’ve got to use them.

The best training gives you a regimen to follow while directing your focus toward creating the elements necessary to convey exceptional performances. But, you can’t hit a target if you don’t have one. To gain control over your career it’s imperative you develop and maintain your performance muscle. Mastering a handful of remarkable techniques prepares you to continually challenge your comfort zone, develop greater dexterity, versatility, and agility that sets you apart from the masses by being the most valuable thing you can be: your self!

Summer’s here. Time to improve your booking rate. PLAY ball!


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