Arnold-Chicago-300x300There’s a one-word response to the question posed: “How do you get a response from your (promo) mailings?” And that’s simply, “Frequency.” (In fact, that’s the ONLY answer.)

The reason being what you’re trying to accomplish from repeated postcard mailings that promote your voice-over demo/web page is to:

     a) Make your name known (forward your brand through your graphic logo)
     b) Allow those you’re promoting to access to your demos through your web site
     c) Associate you with professional voice-over.

You may have heard the phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind”. That phrase applies to any small business, but especially voice-over. And if no one knows you from your lack of promotion, no one has access to your tracks because you let your web site expire, if they can’t reach you, find you, hear you, or you simply haven’t effective create a presence through continued promotion… then the people most-likely to hire you simply can’t and won’t use you.

The fact remains, if you aren’t continually promoting you will simply have a remarkable promotional vehicle that remains parked in the garage where no one can utilize it, and that leaves a great potential for your best efforts to die on the vine. And we can’t have that!

So, unless you have a publicist, it’s your responsibility to make your demo accessible to those most likely to hire you and to make yourself known. 

When it comes to promo familiarity breeds OPPORTUNITY. There are numerous Creatives across the nation either in pre-production, production or post at any given time. It’s important to understand your first 3 to 4 full (5 to 8 week rounds of) mailings may not so much as render a listen to your demos. That’s nothing to get discouraged about—you’re only just establishing your name and brand identity in field. However, with repeated postcard mailings driving your name, your logo, and therefore your demo from your web page continuously to these same individuals where your demos can be accessed is the true mission here. 

Repeated mailings are essential to securing a return on your initial investment. The more mailings you do, the more your brand will make you synonymous with professional voice-over. PERIOD.

The objective is to drive traffic to your web site where your demos can be found. As the saying goes, “Outflow equals inflow”. And that’s precisely what promotion is… “outflow”. So get your promo out there!

If you’ve only done a single mailing or two, and thought the goal of your mailings were to secure immediately employment—think again. 

If you wish for only a single audition—you will only land ONE audition. If you aim for a single job—you will secure only ONE job. Instead aim for an on on-going, established career, with repeated business. That will yield the greatest results, but it will also require your on-going commitment to allowing those most likely to hire you continued access to your demo tracks. And that means repeated mailings.

Otherwise you will remain in oblivion. And we’ve come to far to have that happen. But it’s up to you to keep your skills sharp and continually promote yourself. Having an agent that gets the work you’re best suited to land is only part (not half—but PART) of the answer. This is your career. You’re in charge. And that means it’s up to you to continually make yourself known to the forever changing promotional pool or producers nationwide that, at any given time, may be looking for exactly what you have to offer as a talent.

It takes dedication and persistence beyond what you might consider a reasonable comfort zone. But that’s small business. You first must make yourself known. From there you create a presence. Beyond that you must persist, so that those relying on you (talent agents, casting directors, producers, etc) will know they can confidently and continually count on you. 

Pursue, persist, prepare, promote. These are staples that never go away if you expect to establish yourself in this business and remain in business.

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