Converting Non-union VO Projects to Union WEBINAR




This hands-on, 90-minute webinar will feature the remarkable insights of Falcon Paymasters president, Tom Allamon, and seasoned SAG-AFTRA voice actor and recent SOVAS Voice Arts Award nominee, Melissa Exelberth, who will show us:

  • Which non-union voiceover jobs are easiest to “flip”
  • How to effectively guide VO clients to gain their support
  • PLUS, a step-by-step process to effectively convert non-union VO jobs to union, with full pension & health (P&H) benefits, provided you and the project qualify

It’s a little-known fact that there are a great many non-union voiceover jobs that have the ability to offer budgets that meet and, in many cases, exceed SAG-AFTRA minimum scale rates.* In fact, provided you follow the exclusive advice offered by these industry experts during this unique webinar, double scale (twice the lowest rate offered by the union) is possible for a variety of forms of narrative voiceover work.

“Half of my SAG-AFTRA income this year will be from jobs I converted from non-union to union,” says Melissa Exelberth. “It’s time more SAG-AFTRA actors learned how to do this.”


This webinar is designed to assist talent of every experience level, both union and non-union, SAG-eligible and Fi-Core, to increase their revenue a myriad of ways, which will ultimately elevate the voiceover industry overall.

Find out how during this recorded Actors’ SOUND ADVICE Masterclass Webinar.

Purchase and download this video webinar today to double your union income in 2018 manned with the best-kept secret in the voiceover industry: how to flip non-union projects to union to earn better, more-reliable pay!

Digital download, delivered after purchase as a zipped movie file. 

* SAG-AFTRA scale is the lowest standard rate per category per voiceover job according to the union.


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