It’s said that one is the loneliest number and there’s something to that.

For instance, you rarely get the opportunity to see anyone else audition, especially if it’s for voice-over and you’re auditioning from your home computer.  This may pose a bit of an issue when it comes to your delivery.  Many talent find themselves offering repetitive performance habits just to get by during these auditions as they become more familiar with this new and often awkward auditioning process.  There’s a distinct learning curve that needs to be mastered—and it’s not just technically.

Being all by your lonesome in front of your mic at home demands you develop your self-directing skills and continually challenge yourself, vary up your read and change up your attack to suit the appropriate script.  (Especially when you have a handful of auditions to crank out quickly and return to your agents.) This is the basis for all of our coaching at SOUND ADVICE: to build your most dynamic, most agile performance skills.

Chances are great, when you begin recording your auditions from home you’ll give yourself too long a runway.  You’ll likely overthink it, give yourself 40 takes, and then submit take 3 when all is said and done.  Too long a runway (or too short), you’ll never get off the ground.

Considering more than half of all voice-over auditions are recorded from simple home-recording setups and the remainder are recorded from your local talent agency, it’s imperative you develop the basic skills to record an effective audition remotely or from home, as well as deliver consistent, professional auditions to the very best of your ability.  None of this is immediately intuitive.

We have a remedy. To develop your performance skills and your ability to effectively self-direct, in other words make the most dynamic choices possible, we suggest a Continued Coaching Package.  We custom-tailor three or more sessions into a discounted package that can be delivered by Skype or in person at either of our studios.

And to develop your technical mojo, we suggest Practice Auditions. This service, offered exclusively through SOUND ADVICE, allows you to develop your performance and home-recording skills. You’re e-mailed faux auditions over the course of four to eight weeks with fictitious deadlines, which you record and edit from home, and then e-mail back to us, just as you would for actual voice-over auditions. This service allows you to apply the self-direction training we coach and let you become more familiar with turning around numerous auditions quickly.

Our Practice Auditions service lets you make common mistakes in a setting where you can learn from them, so you avoid making them with your new talent agents and you’re able to offer an audition you can stand behind.  Like all of our training and production, it’s invaluable.

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