Headphones and microphone

If you’re pursuing jobs on-camera while furthering your voice-over career, keep in mind it’s important to keep these two websites independent of each other. We discovered this fact from extensive surveying.The reason being: those most likely to hire you for voice-over want to simply IMAGINE what you look like. Therefore, we suggest you have a link to your voice-over web page from your on-camera web site, if you have one, but NOT the other way around

To illustrate this point, have you ever seen what George Jetson or Fred Flintstone looks like in real life? Unless you know them personally, this would likely be a dramatic departure from your reality.If you saw Ronald McDonald out of costume and make-up, you’d be disappointed.The fact is voice-over create an images in the listeners imagination.The objective of your web site is to maintain this illusion by keeping the on-camera web site independent of the voice-over ONLY site. Combining their purpose only confuses the issue.

There are only a handful of exceptions to this rule:

-Children and Young Adults (under 18 years of age);

-If you are over 70 years of age, and sound like it;

-If you are already established as a talent and known for your on-camera personae; such as Seth MacFarlane (creator of ‘The Family Guy’), Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson as well as many assorted, well-known animated characters), or you happen to be known film stars like Mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy or Cameron Diaz, to name a few.

Your voice-over web site should be a single-page site, featuring:

-Your voice-over demos (mp3s ONLY);

-Your graphic logo, that furthers your name as a brand (which may be repeated on your on-camera website, again if applicable);

-Your contact information, and that’s it!

No bios, please.You will spend hours of time on these and only your family and very few of your friends will actually read them.Your resume is required ONLY if you’re pursuing stage or on-camera work, rather than voice-over. No resumés on the voice-over web page. Producers have absolutely NO need for a voice-over resumé.(Over the years I’ve only known of ONE talent agent who has required a resume and that was strictly for their in office reference and that’s it.Hardly seems worth the time and effort, now doesn’t it?)Let your demos speak for themselves.

Also, please avoid random cross-referencing other interests or professions such as painting, the fact that you offer scuba diving classes, writing, or even your NASCAR affiliations, for instance.We’re only interested in your performance related information.

Further, on your voice-over demo site, your demo tracks should be available only in the form of MP3s. Not as AIFF or WAV files—just MP3.

Also, avoid photos or using illustrations of yourself on your demo site.Here’s why: if your image is serious and your demo light-hearted (or vice versa), your image would contradict the effect you’ve set out to create with the demo track. So suffice it to say, we advise against it. Devote your theatrical pursuits (film and television) to your on-camera site ONLY.

Any promotional plan, in order to be effective, must be a single-minded approach. Don’t try to accomplish a zillion things with a single site. 

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