We receive lots and lots of emails from our trusty SOUND ADVICERs, and are thrilled to hear how well you guys are doing.

Here’s a prime example from Joel Konya in NYC.  Still questions do arise… and we’re here to help!


Here’s a recent email from recent Sound Advice (SA) client, Joel Konya, with a very good question that you may learn from:

Hi, Kate!

I just wanted to give you a quick update.  I am now a member of SAG and getting the health insurance…great stuff! After I booked the (major tech company) spot back in October they came back to me for other spots… mainly Internet!  My question to you is I am now being held for a 3rd consecutive quarter (for the TV spot) yet I do not think the TV commercial has run for months (so as a result, I haven’t seen any residuals).  Is there a chance they would still run the spot or are they holding me just so I do not voice let’s say a Dell spot?  BTW I have made a healthy 5 figures on this gig!

Since that booking I have also booked Yellow Tail and Luxaire Air Conditioning spots.  

Hope all is well and good luck in your new Chicago digs!

Thanks,  Joel 

Kate’s response:

Hey, Joel…

This is a WONDERFUL update…  thank you for keeping us posted!

To answer your question–I’ve seen jobs remain ‘on-hold’ (please reference our SA Encyclopedia!) for up to a year or more.  In other words, (yeppers) you will have a conflict with any other TECH company, such as Dell or what have you, until it either a) airs or, b) you’re released.  (Check the release date on your pay stub.)  In the meantime, you’ll continue to received ‘holding fees’ every 13 weeks until one of those two options come about.  (A ‘holding fee’ is essentially equivalent to another session fee. For TV, that generally means about $450.)

Now, the fact that this is the beginning of the 3rd quarter you’ve received a holding fee–that’s typically a very good sign it will eventually air.  They are probably ‘testing’ it.  You may  be called to come in to modify the spot with an alternative line or two, or even add more spots to this campaign.  So, enjoy it!  No promises, of course, until the spot actually airs but, frankly–it looks good!

Thanks on our new CHI digs!  Look for a cool video tour we’re currently editing!  (If you can fall in love with a location–call me smitten!  In fact, call me head-over-heels.  It’s wonderful!  Hope you can see it some time soon.  ; )

And congratulations on your continued success, Joel!  We’re very pleased and proud of you!  We look forward to hearing more!

Warmest wishes,

Kate & crew

Sound Advicer, Joel Konya has consistently promoted himself both to the talent agents (and has seen a good deal of success from that), as well as consistently sent out postcard promotions directly to the Ad Agencies with our mailing lists to a variety of regions.  Joel’s demos can be found on his site at:

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