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  • Our Exceptional Demo Production & Featured Demos

    The fact is:
    You can’t work in this industry
    without a demo.

    At SOUND ADVICE, we produce demos that go the distance. To be effective, your voice-over demo must be able to successfully meet industry standards that are not readily known by most other demo producers.

    Our Exceptional Demo Production & Featured Demos
  • We Can Coach You Via Skype

    We can coach you no matter where you live from the comfort of your home computer.  In fact, in most cases all of our services can be delivered no matter where you live! And you don’t have to be a major techie either.

    We Can Coach You Via Skype

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    You have to study the medium you intend to work in. You must feed your imagination, and in doing so, feed your read. Lucky for us, today we’re able to view and study television, voiceover, film, and commercial work with greater ease than ever and from almost anywhere. You … Read More


I am new to voice over.  The coaching I received from Kate was second to none.  I have more knowledge in this industry than my peers who have been in voice over class after voice over class and still don’t have representation or a valid demo. Working with Kate has been like being on a rocket ship.  You quickly get hatted and have the confidence to take this industry by storm. She produced my demo and I literally cried because it sounded SO GOOD!  I have had agents all over the country remark on how amazing my demo is.  I got representation after merely emailing my mp3  one week after receiving my demo with a prominent agency in the mid west.  I am still talking with several other agencies. Don’t waste your time with anyone else.  She guides you step by step.  I have never received so much care.  Everything is tailored to showing off the best possible you!  If you’d like to hear and see what she has created for me, go to Good luck!
Kerry KimbleGlendale, CA