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  • Our Exceptional Demo Production & Featured Demos

    The fact is:
    You can’t work in this industry
    without a demo.

    At SOUND ADVICE, we produce demos that go the distance. To be effective, your voice-over demo must be able to successfully meet industry standards that are not readily known by most other demo producers.

    Our Exceptional Demo Production & Featured Demos
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    We can coach you no matter where you live from the comfort of your home computer.  In fact, in most cases all of our services can be delivered no matter where you live! And you don’t have to be a major techie either.

    We Can Coach You Via Skype


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“How to SUCCESSFULLY Art Direct Your
Voiceover Branding & Graphics”

November 14th, 2018
7pm - 8:30pm ET/ 4pm - 5:30pm PT

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Presentation matters. 


Given the importance of social media and establishing a digital presence has on your professional reputation, mastering it has never been as crucial as it is today.


Effective branding, much like successful performances, is as intrinsic to you as your personality. Yet, it’s one of the single-most elusive obstacles in the industry: the ability to successfully art direct your logo/branding.
Many attempt it. Few honestly succeed.



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BLOG: How to Study Commercials & Television To Improve Your Auditions

<b>How to Study Commercials & Television  To Improve Your Auditions </b>

    You have to study the medium you intend to work in to feed your imagination, and therefore your read. Lucky for us, today we’re able to view and study television, voiceover, film, and commercial work with greater ease than ever and from almost anywhere. You could rent a … Read More


Now that I’ve had my demo for over a week, and listened to it countless times, I wanted to say thank you again. Every time I listen to it I get a smile on my face. The whole process from beginning to end was enjoyable. The coaching that Jeff provided was invaluable and exactly what I needed. I felt like he was also pacing our time together to meet me where my skill set was, not just delivering cookie cutter coaching. It was an easy decision to move into demo production with you guys. For the demo, I loved the diversity in copy that you selected as it really showcased what my voice strengths are. And throughout the process Jeff gave excellent direction while keeping a relaxed atmosphere and making sure we got exactly what we needed to make a great demo. And the power duo of Jeff and Travis kept me laughing the whole way through. I feel really fortunate that I found Sound Advice and would recommend you to anyone looking for coaching, career guidance or demo production.