Our mission is to offer the single-most competitive, most progressive training, and career guidance regarding voice acting, available anywhere. And to produce the most exceptional voiceover demos that go the distance to better forward your career.

Kate McClanaghan

Kate McClanaghan

Founder, Producer, & Coach

Kate is the author of “The SOUND ADVICE Encyclopedia of Voice-over & the Business of Being a Working Talent” as well as 7 other books on the subject of acting, voiceover, and forwarding your career.

Kate founded Actors’ SOUND ADVICE, the most personalized, complete voice-over coaching, career consulting, and voiceover demo production service available anywhere to fill the need for an honest, hands-on professional approach to advance the careers of literally thousands of industry professionals nationwide. Her unique vantage point offers uniquely astute insights into elevating each individual talent’s performance, branding, and promotional skills.

As a seasoned casting director and producer, she’s produced commercials for McDonald’s, SPRINT, State Farm, IBM, Chase, JC Penney, SEARS, Allstate, to name a few, as well as corporate narration, TV, film, animation, web and new media for scores of national and regional brands.

Jeff Finney

Jeff Finney

Account Executive, Producer, & Coach

A seasoned producer, casting director, and coach, Jeff came to Actors’ SOUND ADVICE an experienced audio engineer/mixer & sound designer. He’s a classically trained singer and musician, as well as an accomplished working voice actor in his own right. As a voiceover coach, his approach is straightforward, honest, and supportive, constantly pushing talent to find ways of surprising themselves into their best performances. As a producer, Jeff is relentless in developing authenticity and creative engagement with every production.

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