Audiobooks and the Remarkable Imagination of Ray Bradbury

Much of what we do as voice talent, as actors, is telling a story and conveying the human experience.  This is often our initial draw to perform. At an early age, Science Fiction writer Ray Bradbury did this for me through his extraordinary short … [Read more...]

How to Score More Voice Over Work

There isn’t a single, successful business in existence that requires little or no effort, investment or attention.  No business will ever advance if it’s not driven by promotion. Promotion is a constant.  Even once you achieve success, promotion is … [Read more...]

How to Drive the MOST Business to Your Voice-over Demos

Ah, technology.  Who knew the future would arrive so soon and bring with it the very thing every professional marketer has dreamed of since watching “The Jetsons” on Saturday mornings as a kid. They're called QR Codes, short for 'Quick Response' … [Read more...]

Want Feedback on Your VO Demos?

Here's a rather novel idea for this or any business: at SOUND ADVICE we never advise you to ask for feedback on your demo tracks, whether we produced them or not. Think about it. If you're pro, why would you ever ask, "What do you think of my … [Read more...]

Voice Over Skills: How to Determine Your Commercial Strengths

  “There will come a time when passion will leave you. Curiosity will sustain you!” - Heywood Hale-Broun  The single most valuable and unexpected attribute you can develop from doing commercial work, aside from gaining the knowledge that … [Read more...]

Why Character Voices Don’t Belong on a Commercial Voice Over Demo

The objective of your demo is to define who you are commercially and how you are perceived in a major market. If you truly have something original you can do repeatedly (without hurting yourself vocally) then an animation demo is in order, … [Read more...]

How to Get a Response from Your (Promo) Mailings

There's a one-word response to the question posed: "How do you get a response from your (promo) mailings?" And that's simply, "Frequency." (In fact, that's the ONLY answer.) The reason being what you're trying to accomplish from repeated postcard … [Read more...]

What’s a ‘HOLDING FEE’?

We receive lots and lots of emails from our trusty SOUND ADVICERs, and are thrilled to hear how well you guys are doing. Here's a prime example from Joel Konya in NYC.  Still questions do arise... and we're here to help! "WHAT'S A HOLDING … [Read more...]