Our Exceptional Demo Production

The fact is: You can’t work in voiceover without a demo.

Create it correctly from the start so you don’t have to double back because you shouldn’t have to overhaul your demo every year. Instead, your demos should allow you to establish who you are by defining what you bring to the industry as a professional. 

We produce demos that go the distance, because we’ve surveyed literally thousands of your potential clients as to what they need and want from you and your demos, and why no one can offer you a more objective approach to this industry than we can. This makes us valuable far above and beyond skillful, professional audio production, which is a given with us—as our demos attest. To be effective, your voice-over demos must successfully meet industry standards that are typically not readily known by most other demo producers.

We custom-tailor everything we do, therefore our cost is based on our best estimation of effort, and a fair, affordable flat rate is established from there.

The best voiceover demos define who you are,
what you do best,
and the work you want more of.

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Our flat-rate VO demo package includes:

✔ Custom-curated copy specifically to suit the sort of work you’re most likely to book (Commercial, Narrative, Promo, Animation, or Spanish)

✔ Expert audio recording, mixing, and editing with seasoned producers

✔ Unequaled in-studio direction and career guidance

✔ Referrals to reliable professional vendors for the best possible graphics, promotional materials, and Web design from those who understand the specific needs of voice-over talent

✔ A strategic marketing and promotional plan designed to establish and forward your small business to advance your career

Demos, by design, should instill confidence that you are more than capable and qualified to deliver a professional performance.


* Our Flat-Rate Voice-over Demo Package is tailored specifically to your individual needs and based on our professional assessment for the best possible results.

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