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The greatest change that’s occurred in the voice-over industry in recent years is where most of your auditions are recorded: from your home computer!  This is precisely why you stand a far greater opportunity to land more work if you master recording and editing your auditions from home.

There’s no denying the learning curve between maintaining your performance skills while mastering your edits, otherwise you run the risk of undermining your professional integrity with your talent agents and potential clients. If you’re far from having a routine down when recording and editing your auditions from home, Practice Auditions, a service exclusive to SOUND ADVICE, should definitely do the trick!

Four Weeks: $175

As author Malcolm Gladwell once said, it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert at anything. This is precisely why we offer a unique opportunity to practice auditioning for quality spots, while developing your home-recording edits without running the risk of falling on your face with your new agent, manager, or a potential producer.

For little more than the price of a single private coaching, you get four full weeks’ worth of exercises and challenges to help you hone your home-editing skills, while playing with the copy being used in today’s top auditions.

How Practice Auditions work:

We randomly e-mail you scripts throughout the week for four weeks at a time, most with pending deadlines just like you can come to expect from real auditions, but they are only to practice your skills from your home-recording setup.

These won’t be real auditions for real jobs, but you should treat them as such. After all, the object is to practice recording, editing, and returning your auditions quickly and well within their deadlines.

Our engineer will let you know whether you are too far off mic or too close, too low or too loud, and whether you sent it in on time. The more you do, the better you get and the sooner you can put your attention back on your performance, where it belongs.  The goal here is to give you the greatest opportunity to deliver your very best—always.


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