Advance your career faster, smarter, and better than ever before with the very best voice-over training, career guidance, and demo production in the business.

SOUND ADVICE is where the best voice-overs get their start and established talent sharpen their tools of the trade, because we custom-tailor every coaching, demo, and marketing plan to each individual talent.

We’re the experts the experts turn to in order to dramatically advance their careers. So much so, we wrote the book on it: The SOUND ADVICE Encyclopedia of Voice-over & the Business of Being a Working Talent by casting director, producer, and SOUND ADVICE founder Kate McClanaghan.

Our One-on-One Orientation
-or- Career Re-Boot

At SOUND ADVICE, we begin with our one-on-one Orientation (or Career Re-Boot, as the case may be), an in-depth, two-hour career coaching session we deliver either in person or over Skype.

We custom-tailor every session to the talent! Designed to either establish your voice over career, or re-organize your approach to allow you the opportunity to achieve the career you’ve always imagined.  We address you, the talent, and the career you’re establishing or attempting to enhance.  Regardless of experience or skill level, we offer you a thorough view of what the current voice over industry entails, how it has recently changed, where it’s headed, what’s required of you, your promotional materials and what you must do to successfully navigate forward in this industry.

$175 *

This service essentially shows you how to run your small business as a working talent based on our thorough survey gathered from nearly 12,000 industry producers and professionals most likely to hire you as a working talent—making this remarkable service invaluable …and completely unprecedented in this or any other business! You honestly won’t find this level of expertise custom-tailored to your specific career needs available anywhere else.

Your one-on-one Orientation/Career Re-Boot is designed to address you, your assets and specific career goals in order to ultimately save you a great deal of frustration, money, and time. If there were a shortcut to creating the career you’ve always dreamed of—this would most definitely be it!

The SOUND ADVICE Orientation/Career Re-Boot can be delivered in either one of our two studio locations (Chicago or Los Angeles) or over Skype from the comfort of your home computer.

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* This 2-hour long service is offered for the introductory rate of $175, which is a $175 savings. (Our hourly coaching rate is $175 an hour.)  The Orientation/Re-Boot is easily worth five times the price.  We generally recommend our one-on-one coaching follow this service, based on our individual professional assessment during this session.

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Our One-on-One Coaching

At SOUND ADVICE, our approach benefits all skill levels allowing every talent the opportunity to deliver the most versatile, agile performance possible.

Our emphasis is on building your ability to effectively self-direct, while simultaneously developing the skills to quickly apply any direction you may be given. In order to be a valuable talent you must master both, which is where our remarkably effective technique training comes in.

$175 per hour *

Every coaching session is private and custom-tailored to your specific career goals and needs.  Every session is purpose-driven and, in most cases, recorded for future reference.

The SOUND ADVICE coaching approach benefits all skill levels:

  • Novice talent become acclimated to the most effective performance training available, designed specifically to accelerate their performance skills to professional status as quickly as possible
  • Seasoned professionals stand to gain the most from our trademarked techniques as they discover a truly fresh approach to their work and elevating their brand and small business as a working talent
  • And if voice-over is a new medium for you, our approach offers the opportunity to successfully master transferring your performance skills from one medium to another with greater ease and agility than ever before

*Our one-on-one Orientation is a prerequisite to our coaching. This service is offered at a discounted rate when purchased in multiple session packages in most cases.

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Our Exceptional Demo Production

The best voice-over demos define who you are, what you do best, and the sort of work you want more of, otherwise they aren’t a proper demonstration of you as a professional talent.

At SOUND ADVICE, we produce demos that go the distance. To be effective, your voice-over demo must be able to successfully meet industry standards that are not readily known by most other demo producers.

The fact is: You can’t work in this industry without a demo.

At SOUND ADVICE our expertise isn’t simply based on our experience in producing well over 5,000 successful demos.  We’ve surveyed more than 12,000 of your potential clients as to what they need and want from your demos. This is why no one else can offer you a more objective approach to this industry than we can. This makes us valuable far above and beyond skillful, professional audio production, which is a given with us—as the demos listed on our site can attest.

You shouldn’t have to overhaul your demo every year, but instead allow it to establish who you are and define what you bring to the industry as a professional.  Demos, by design, should instill confidence that you are more than capable and qualified to deliver a professional performance, which is why every demo produced through SOUND ADVICE, like every talent, must be individually assessed.  Every spot on your voice-over demo should sound like an authentic, exceptional (national-caliber) spot that displays your best abilities to your target audience: those most likely to hire you.

At SOUND ADVICE we have the inside track on precisely what should (and should NEVER) be included on a voice-over demo if you hope to work consistently in this business.  We custom-tailor everything we do, therefore our cost is based on our best estimation of effort, and a fair, affordable flat rate is established from there.

Flat-Rate Demo Production Package *

Our SOUND ADVICE Flat-Rate Voice-over Demo Package is tailored specifically to your individual needs and based on our professional assessment for the best possible results.

Our flat-rate demo package includes:

  • Copy selected and tailored specifically for you to suit the sort of work you’re most likely to land  (Commercial, Narrative, Promo, Animation, or Spanish)
  • Expert audio recording, mixing, and editing with seasoned producers
  • Unequaled in-studio direction and career guidance
  • Referrals to reliable professional vendors for the best possible graphics, promotional materials, and Web design from those who understand the specific needs of voice-over talent
  • A strategic marketing and promotional plan designed to establish and run your small business and advance your career for the greatest return on your initial investment

*Cost is based on our professional assessment of each individual talent.

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Exclusive Practice Auditions

The greatest change that’s occurred in the voice-over industry in recent years is where most of your auditions are recorded: from your home computer!  This is precisely why you stand a far greater opportunity to land more work if you master recording and editing your auditions from home.

There’s no denying the learning curve between maintaining your performance skills while mastering your edits, otherwise you run the risk of undermining your professional integrity with your talent agents and potential clients. If you’re far from having a routine down when recording and editing your auditions from home, Practice Auditions, a service exclusive to SOUND ADVICE, should definitely do the trick!

Eight Weeks: $350

As author Malcolm Gladwell once said, it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert at anything. This is precisely why we offer a unique opportunity to practice auditioning for quality spots, while developing your home-recording edits without running the risk of falling on your face with your new agent, manager, or a potential producer.

For little more than the price of a single private coaching, you get eight full weeks’ worth of exercises and challenges to help you hone your home-editing skills, while playing with the copy being used in today’s top auditions.

How Practice Auditions work:

We randomly e-mail you scripts throughout the week for eight weeks at a time, most with pending deadlines just like you can come to expect from real auditions, but they are only to practice your skills from your home-recording setup.

These won’t be real auditions for real jobs, but you should treat them as such. After all, the object is to practice recording, editing, and returning your auditions quickly and well within their deadlines.

Our engineer will let you know whether you are too far off mic or too close, too low or too loud, and whether you sent it in on time. The more you do, the better you get and the sooner you can put your attention back on your performance, where it belongs.  The goal here is to give you the greatest opportunity to deliver your very best—always.

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Home Recording Help

Every one needs a little help in sorting out their home audio set up from time to time, or technical assistance to insure the quality of their home recordings meet industry standards.  Introducing a brand-new service from SOUND ADVICE: Home Recording Help! For the equivalent of our hourly coaching session, our head of production, producer Jeff Finney, lends his expertise over Skype.  This way we can see, as well as hear, the challenges you may be facing to offer the best, most frugal solutions possible.   Purchase a single hour, or a small package, but get on with it already and get yourself, and your career, up and moving!  ›

$175 per hour

(No previous experience with SOUND ADVICE is required prior to this service.)

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