Career Reboot

If there were a shortcut to creating the career you’ve always dreamed of—this would most definitely be it! For working talent: we confront your greatest challenges and give you practical tools to increase your booking rate. 

Our Career Reboot is designed for you, if:

  • You have had a fair amount of success in voiceover in the past, but it’s been a while & you need to be brought up-to-date
  • You’re a seasoned actor or broadcaster, but you may never have explored voice over to this level before
  • You may have a demo that needs updating

  During the Reboot, we:

  • Confront your greatest challenges and give you practical tools to increase your booking rate
  • Define your current performance assets and skills that you may not have considered prior

This 2-hour, custom-tailored session offers a thorough overview of the current industry; how its changed, where it might be headed, a game plan for you to move forward, and what you must do to successfully navigate this remarkable industry.

You honestly won’t find this level of expertise custom-tailored to address your specific career needs available anywhere else but with Actors’ SOUND ADVICE!



This service can be delivered in person in either one of our two studio locations (Chicago or Los Angeles), or via the comfort of your home computer, and recorded for future reference.


Our Next LIVE Webinar!

During this Webinar we’ll cover:

- How to sound realistic
- Our “Audio Rorschak” Test
- Select attendees will get their chance to apply their talents


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