Gotta love summer! But I’d be willing to bet you need a comedy, right about now. One with a bit of action mixed in, maybe! Yeah, thought so. Now, whether you’re heading out on the open road or if you’re staying close to the coop this summer, here are a few on my all-time favorite summertime selections to help FEED YOUR VO READ! 

My summer-themed suggestions are as follows:

1. Head Above Water (Vudu & YouTube) This is one of my all-time favorite, best-kept secret summer movies! It’s a dark comedy I think you’re gonna love. (1996)     

2. Jaws (HULU, HBO Max, Prime, YouTube, iTunes) The blockbuster of blockbusters. (1975)

3. Dead Calm (YouTube, Vudu, Prime) This thriller will creep you out! (In a good way!) (1989)

4. Palm Springs (HULU) A comedy with sprinkles on top! (2020)

5. Stand By Me (Prime, iTunes & YouTube) What are friends for? This movie explains it. (1986)   

6. Booksmart (HULU, YouTube, Prime) Teen years are definitely the funniest. (2019)

7. American Graffiti (HULU, HBO Max, Prime, YouTube) Have times really changed? Yep. A LOT! (1973)

8. Moonrise Kingdom (YouTube, iTunes, Prime)  Funny, sweet, nostalgic. Yep, it’s summer! (2012)

9. Little Miss Sunshine (HULU, Starz, Prime, YouTube) GREAT cast! Simple, sweet story. (2006)

10. (500) Days of Summer (HULU, Starz, Prime, YouTube) Ah, love! Remember being in love? Me either. This film will remind you. (2009)

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