Every Wednesday this month we’re offering a list of great movies, TV series, podcasts and more to help improve your mood and feed your imagination. To say nothing of how important building your frame of reference is as an actor to define backstory, insight, nuance and elevate your performance.

This weeks’ humorous streaming suggestions:

1. Grace and Frankie Pitch perfect cast led by Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. 6 complete seasons, renewed for the 7th. (2015 – present) Netflix
2. Modern Family Hilarious. Reliable. 11 full seasons that only just wrapped earlier this year. (2009-2020) ABC, HULU+, YouTube
3. Arrested Development This is a cast full of leads, narrated by Ron Howard. Great stuff! 5 seasons (2003-2019) Netflix, HULU and Amazon Prime.
4. The Carol Burnett Show Discover the inspiration behind multiple TV shows for decades now. 11 Seasons (1967-1978) HULU, CBS All Access
5. Parks and Recreation Amy Poehler’s salute to ALL small towns with this remarkable cast. 7 seasons (2009-2015) Netflix, HULU, YouTube, Amazon Prime
6. 30 Rock Tin Fey and Alec Baldwin lead this talented cast. 7 seasons (2006-2013) HULU, Amazon Prime, YouTube
7. Seinfeld Classic TV has come full circle. 25 years after this show aired and these storylines are still used as references for character, POV, tone, tempo, and so much more. 9 seasons (1989-1998) HULU, YouTube, Amazon Prime
8. Fawlty Towers After Monty Python, John Cleese and his (then) wife, Connie Booth starred and produced this ridiculously funny series that’s tough to beat. 2 seasons (1975-1979) Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix (UK)
9. The Office The US version starring Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and Rain Wilson should feel like coming home when you’ve been working from home too long. 9 seasons (2005-2013) Netflix, YouTube
10. The Larry Sanders Show Garry Shandling was a star maker. Case in point: this series holds up even if the hair and clothes don’t. 6 seasons (1992-1998) HULU, YouTube, HBO Max, Amazon Prime
11. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Funny? I thought I’d die. This show defies gravity. 3 seasons, and renewed for MORE! (Thank GOD!) (2017- present) Amazon Prime
12. The Kominsky Method Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin take you to school. 2 seasons and counting. (2018 – present) Netflix, Amazon Prime
13. Barry Bill Hader’s Golden Globe winning series of a disillusioned hitman turned actor. 3 seasons with a renewal! (2018- present) HBO Max, HULU +
14. Silicon Valley The road to advancing technology is riddled with… idiots! Who knew? Great cast. At least they’re lovable idiot savants! 6 seasons and counting (2014 – present) HBO Max, HULU+
15. The Andy Griffith Show Kindness, thoughtfulness, peace, love and understanding is how this lawman “keeps the peace”. Want to feel better? Play this series on a loop for the best results! 8 seasons (mostly in black and white) (1960-1968) Netflix, YouTube, HULU, Amazon Prime

What are you watching to lighten your mood these days? If you have a series, movie, stand-up or podcast you’ve found to be a welcome refuge over the past few months, please be sure to share your faves! Tell us what makes it exceptional in your estimation, and we’ll feature your suggestions over the next couple weeks!

Be safe. Be well. Be YOU!


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