From Passion to Profession: The Basics of Building Your VO Career Webinar




Passion isn’t everything, but it sure does help! Especially when you’re establishing yourself in a new field or small business, such as voice acting.

Anyone who might hire you assumes you’re a pro, even if you’re only just starting out or starting over. There’s a great deal of confusing information out there. This webinar should clear the air before immersing yourself in the deep end.

During this webinar, we’ll offer our best advice to manage expectations regarding:

– Who YOU are and what you do best – What to look for when it comes to training & career coaching – The Greatest Learning Curve: Mastering Auditions & Home Recording – Your TWO Most Important Forms of Promotion: Demos & Auditions – Securing Representation: Getting a Talent Agent & Why It Matters

This is a perfect primer to kick off your voiceover career in earnest, or to effectively start again!

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