Home Studio Setup – Initial Consultation


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Ensure Your Home Recording Setup Can Be the ALL That It Can Be.

Most talent agents have included the following addendum to nearly every audition since we’ve all been on quarantine:
VO talent MUST have BROADCAST QUALITY HOME STUDIOS with either ISDN, IPDTL, or Source Connect to submit.

If that statement sends a jolt through you, you’re not alone. The truth is securing a new agent is far easier if they know you can deliver a proper audition from home, and, ideally, a clean, professional recording as needed.

That may seem impossible given your specific circumstances, but this is in part why we’re here.

This is how it works:
We’ll need pictures of all spaces that you think could work for your home studio. Many talent start with their walk-in closet and we agree, that can be one of the best places to start. Let us know what equipment you have, if any (mic/interface/computer)

Then we can meet for 15mins on Zoom or over the phone to go over what equipment & acoustical treatment makes the most sense for your needs/space.


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